Wedding gloves

"The new - is well forgotten old" - thissaying also applies to this element wedding dress, such as gloves. This accessory was fashionable and relevant in the early 18th century, when the fair sex wear them daily. Later, they put on a high-ranking lady on secular receptions, using only an evening dress. And now in the 21st century, wedding gloves are back in fashion and are popular. They give the image of the bride's elegance and sophistication.

Types of wedding gloves

These accessories are distinguished by several characteristics: design, pattern, length, on fabric that was used for their manufacture, and the number buttons.

Consider models that are in demand:

  • Classic. Long, tall above the elbow accessories, sewn, usually made of satin.
    Classic model above the elbow
  • Mitts. Short, not reaching to the middle of the forearm, and the elements of dress, which used for the manufacture of lace or fishnet fabrics. Particularly relevant are accessories in the summer.
    Fingerless bridal
  • With the loop, by which the enhancement is retained on the finger.

Without fingers

Wedding fingerless gloves may conditionally be divided into two types:

  • Fingerless gloves - short Accessories With openfingers that do not create discomfort and allow unhindered to wear a wedding ring without removing the accessory during the ceremony. A drawback of this style is that which makes them visually fingers shorter arms.
  • With one finger loop - fastened and heldaccessory by tabs on the middle finger, which is mainly made of satin ribbon or strung beads. They look elegant and stylish. Such a model will not hide your beautiful manicure.
    Design fingerless


Short Wedding Gloves give the imageBride refinement. Excellent combined with short dress with long sleeves to the elbow and a little lower. There are no such models harmonious look with dresses, long sleeve in which it is absent or at all.

Short with his fingers and with a loop


With praznichnym dress With open arms orthin straps perfectly combines long wedding gloves. Make them, usually made of satin or lace. This accessory is able to hide the shortcomings of hand. The appropriateness of such a model at the time of marriage, hikes and photo session, but during the feast groom have to take them off.

Long with lace


Wedding gloves made withusing lace, make image of the bride elegant and gentle. This style is combined with any model of the dress, and it does not matter from which it is made of fabric. Perfect look when adorned with small crystals or stones with colorful reflections.

Short lace


Openwork wedding gloves harmoniously complementimage of the bride, in the event that long sleeve dress. Presented type is not only an aesthetic character, but also practical - they can warm the hand of a beautiful lady in cold weather

Openwork options


In today's world, not all women followopinion that the wedding dress and accessories must be white. Many brides trying to stand out and make their way original, pick up colored gloves, and tone them and other accessories (handbag, shoes, boutonniere, etc.). It is necessary to look carefully to outfit and accessories harmoniously combined and colored accessories only added sophistication, not focused all the attention on himself.

With decorations

Often, there are wedding glovesvarious decorations. As decorations used stones (precious and semiprecious), pearls (both natural and artificial), beads, rhinestones, satin ribbons and bows. You can use embroidery elements.

Decoration stones and beads

Cloth gloves

For the manufacture of gloves, generallyIt used a variety of fabrics, depending on the model and the time of year, for which they are designed. Thus, models of autumn-winter period is used jacquard, satin, crepe, taffeta, lace. For summer, ideal light airy fabrics - cotton, chiffon, silk, cotton. Do not forget that the style and fabric, which is made of an accessory, must be in harmony with the dress of the bride.

The use of satin and chiffon

Wedding gloves with their hands

Buy Wedding gloves possible in the cabin,but it is quite possible to make them yourself. To do this will require quite a bit: your imagination, free time and the material from which to make a wish.

An example of how to make weddinggloves, mitts, is presented below. To do this, you need a pair of scissors, satin ribbon, beads or rhinestones and stretch lace. When the materials are prepared, we start manufacturing:

  • We measure the amount of wrist and cut the required length of lace;
  • Making accurate measurements, cut the excess tissue and connective tissue using a conventional stitch on the sewing machine;
  • Try on. Putting lace between the index finger and thumb, making a few stitches.
  • Getting decoration.
  • From satin ribbon make a couple of bows, beads or sequins decorating.
  • Fasten bows to fingerless gloves by means of adhesive (glue gun) or sew.
  • Example you can see on the photos presented below.
    Ideas for design with their own hands

To create the required enhancement with fingermore time and effort. To make this option, be sure to view the master class presented a video which shows how to make a pattern and connect the parts correctly:

How to choose a wedding dress gloves

Among the great range should choosemodels that are most suitable for a style to your outfit, as well as fabric dresses and accessories have something in common in texture. Only in this case, they will complement the image, and look perfectly. Accessories should be in tone dress. In rare cases, there are exceptions, when gloves and other elements of a different color or shade. It is important to pick and length. It is necessary to remember the rule: the shorter the sleeves of the dress - the longer have to be accessories.

Most of these accessories picture presented in this video:

Etiquette when wearing

Strict rules regarding wearing signets not, but it is worth remembering a few things:

  • Wear ring is only a bare finger, because at this moment it is important to remove the wedding gloves, or just bare ring finger;
  • Welcoming the guests and getting flowers, gifts, it is better to have accessories in her arms;
  • During the feast it is recommended to remove jewelry.

Wedding gloves are not only able to givecomplete the image of the bride and save the beautiful lady pens clean and soft all day long. And if you have something to share with future brides on this topic, leave your comment.