Wedding fan

On the day of the wedding Every bride wantsIt looks great. In recent years, women are increasingly paying attention not only to choose a wedding dress, but also accessories that perfectly complement the outfit, completing the image. Especially popular fan, which many associated with the attributes of a great lady or princess.

What are the wedding fan

Such a product, as a fan, has always beenstylish and elegant object. No one court lady was unimaginable without it. Earlier, before the light of day, she had to learn to communicate using a fan. So she could not say the words "I love you" or "you are my ideal" in sign language. Fashion fans faded during the Soviet era, when women learn to do without extra decorations and accessories.

Now the fan is increasingly being used as aa souvenir. This is due to the fact that to make a fan using natural materials with old technology - not a cheap pleasure, find it is not always easy. Most selected economical and easiest option - accessory with more accessible materials: lace or feathers.

Fans are different: elegant, reminiscent of the Rococo era, vivid, as in the days of Art Deco, romantic, elegant and flirty. The accessory can be large or small, dense or complete air. It all depends on the bride desires and wedding style. This item is ideal for the themed weddings, helping to integrate into the setting, where the main characters are young.

Classic fan

The most common is the weddingclassic folding fan. This product looks good, practical, easy to fold. On many models provided strap that you can wear them on your wrist. Such products do not take up much space and is easy to use. Make classic fan for wedding with fabric, sandal wood, paper, straw, plastic and other materials.

Classic fans for weddings

Wedding fan with flowers

No wedding is complete without a flowertracks or jewelry. Original, stylish alternative to the bride's bouquet will be a fan of flowers. Bouquet-fan will reveal all the beauty, refinement of the selected plant. For the base accessory is suitable as ready cardboard, wood or plastic fan, and a specially made frame. When you create a product often use floral sponge - "oasis". Such a framework will preserve the freshness of flower arrangement for a long time.

Veer-bouquet for the bride

Deciding to make a fan, you must brideremember that not every flower is suitable for foundations. The best option would be to plant bezlistym, smooth stem, and you can supplement composition green leaves or typhus. Decorate accessory to help beads, crystals, butterflies, and other decorative elements, used for decoration of bouquets.

Stylized wedding fan

How will a fan, mainlyIt depends on the style of wedding. The most popular products in the Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish genres. They can be of different colors, with different designs and shapes. But the texture and shades of accessory must be combined with the dress of the bride. Otherwise, the original product will look silly and inappropriate.

Veer to the stylized wedding

In vintage style

Sensuality, tenderness of a young bride ascould not be better, it accentuates vintage fan. Its lightness and airiness draws attention to its charming view. Neither romantic nature will not stand in front of such an accessory. For the manufacture of fans in vintage style uses lace. In most cases, it is handmade, so the original accessory becomes exclusive.

Lacy fan for wedding

What makes wedding fan

Now fans produce according to old, proven technology for years. For the manufacture of such materials is used:

  • construction paper;
  • tree;
  • tissue;
  • lace;
  • guipure;
  • feathers.

Especially popular are woven andflower fan. For their decorations using rhinestones, pearls, beads, satin ribbons, and other materials that give the fan a special kind. When choosing the material for the accessory you need to pay attention to the image of the bride. Thus, articles made of feathers adds to the image of elegance, chic and lace - romantic.

How to choose a wedding dress fan

When choosing a fan is not the last role played by dressBride. It is very important that the accessories in harmony with the dress, or she runs the risk of looking ridiculous at his own wedding. They should be combined not only in color, but the shape, pattern and decoration. The right accessories can help you the following recommendations:

  • If you choose a fluffy dress, will suit him a small fan silk or satin with lace trim or ribbons.
  • Light romantic image perfectly complement the airy lace fan.
  • With fitting long dress perfectly fan of a variety of feathers.

Wedding photo shoot with a fan

Photoshoot in wedding day - an important pointHoneymoon. This part of the day to remain young for a lifetime, because the photos will be reviewed not only the guests, but also for their future children. It is very important to photo session was excellent, and the pictures turned out high-quality, full of love and joy. Few people will want to review photos with sullen newlyweds.

For a successful photo shoot you must choosea professional photographer who will be able to properly direct the young, to catch the best moments. It is also important accessories for photography. Veer looks in the photos is very impressive, especially when combined with gloves to the elbow or the veil. With this enhancement, the bride will be easy to demonstrate coquetry, modesty, romance or passion to portray. The options for the plot weight, it remains to choose what is closer. The main thing - to take pictures, view that will be nice.

Wedding photos with fans