Wedding accessories in 2016 photo

Every bride knows how many things you needarrange for the most solemn day of the couple life. Small details determine the quality of the preparation of the celebration - it is important that they are all combined together, they match the color, texture, decoration, from the hip to the garter on wedding towel. This review will help you choose the right wedding accessories 2016.

Wedding accessories in 2016: Trends

Hair Jewellery from culprits celebrations willattract the attention of the whole holiday. Beautiful hair clips, a magnificent tiara, veil air, fresh flowers - pick them is responsible, because they have to fit perfectly with the dress. The harmonious image of the bride - the main decoration of the wedding.


Many women prefer this. Old attribute symbolizing a girl's innocence and purity Styles veil should be chosen based on the model of dress, features body bride hair length:

  • Round-layer veil is perfect for lush skirt, long straight silhouettes decorate, dress "Mermaid", short - universal version, suitable to all.

  • Low brides best to consult a veil to her waist,it should strengthen over the hair - it is visually add a few centimeters. High allowed any length, but if you want to reduce the growth - attach the veil under the best hairstyle.

  • Shorthair woman fit graceful veil-the veil, and the girl with long hair can choose any. However, if the hair is loose, veil fabric should cover them.

2016 Wedding accessories: veils


Royal wedding image detail -majestic diadem. It will suit any girl, however, you need to choose the right style. Details of its decor should match the details of the whole dress, supplementing it.

Wedding Accessories 2016: diadem


Jewellery bride should approach along, creating an extra harmony. All items must be selected in a single color, following the general style.


Graceful earrings concentrate looks on the facegirl. They can be long, short, big, small, richly decorated and minimalist. In some cases, the earrings are the only accessory for the person - for example, when the bride covers her neck.

2016 Wedding accessories: earrings


An elegant bracelet fits perfectly into the image, ifa bride will be the gloves. It can be made of beads, crystals, pearls, be a composition of flowers. In the latter case, we will do without a bouquet or successfully emphasize it - the florist will help to create a suitable decoration. Do not forget about the combination with the buttonhole.

Wedding Accessories 2016: Bracelets


Elegant pendant will be an appropriateaccessory for a dress with a neckline. It can also perform the role of a character: Suspension-the initials of the bride and groom is perfect for weddings. The choice of materials high - precious stones, shiny rhinestones.

Wedding Accessories 2016: Suspension


Bride Necklace takes many forms - flowers,shaped rhinestones, pearl ornaments, simple neat necklace that does not detract from the dress. Even minimalist options look richly and elegantly. Do not neglect the jewelry - well executed, it will perfectly complement the image.

2016 Wedding accessories: necklace

bride Handbag

Some girls will be hard to do withoutset of useful things - phone, keys, cosmetics, to occasionally correct makeup. A small bag for the bride wedding - salvation. Elegant clutch, stylish embroidered bag "envelope" on a chain - most importantly, that the material in harmony with the dress.

2016 Wedding Accessories: handbag bride


Umbrella wonderful complement the original outfitbride, protect it from heat or rain, will be an interesting attribute of the photo shoot. Many wedding umbrellas - lace, but in case of bad weather should choose waterproof umbrella with patterns.

Wedding Accessories 2016: umbrella


Traditionally, the garter on the leg should choosethe bride herself. Men attending the wedding, it means the same as a bouquet for women. Who will catch it - successfully marry next. Threads that laced garter decorating stockings, means different: blue - true, red - love, white - purity of the girl herself.

2016 Wedding accessories: garter


Wedding gloves should be sewn from the samefabric as the dress. It is necessary to embroidery, lace, present to them, consistent with the decor of the dress. The length of the gloves is determined sleeved dress:

  • Attire Sleeveless allows long gloves above the elbow.

  • Short sleeves will look good with the models to the elbow.

  • If long sleeves are not accepted to wear this accessory, but the bride can wear a glove to the wrist.

in stores, but a lot you can do yourself. For example, a cushion for the rings.

To choose the perfect jewelry forupcoming wedding, decide with the concept. Let it be your love story or a favorite movie - all decorations must comply with the scenario.
Share in the comments, some wedding accessories you would like to use during the holiday.