Tiara for brides

How to give the image of a bride and greater sophisticationsolemnity? It is necessary to decorate the bride's hair tiara. From ancient times, this accessory dressed kings and queens, to emphasize his high position. Feel like a princess want all the girls, so many brides are choosing to marriage as hair ornaments tiara. It is perfectly emphasize the beauty of women and the image of the bride will make complete and harmonious. What might be the tiara for the bride? How to choose a wedding dress and her hair?

Features choice of tiaras for brides

If you decide to decorate your wedding hairstylediadem, the serious and thorough approach to the choice of its model. Before you buy an accessory try on his head and walk around in it. If the mini-crown does not slip on the side, does not fall down when driving, not squeezing my head and kept stable on the hair, it is perfect for a wedding. If you choose this accessory it is necessary to take into account the type of the girl's face, color, style of wedding dress, hairstyle. To find the right mini-crown for the bride, consider the following recommendations:

  • High with sharp peaks model perfectlyfit girls with a round type of person, because that will make the image of women more balanced. Conversely, a decoration for the hair did not suit owners of the triangular face.
  • Mini Crown with flowers are ideal for those with a triangular shape.
  • Beautiful stones in the tiara will smooth, soften the image of a bride with a square or rectangular face.
  • Any kind of mini-crowns fit for the girls who have an oval face. But especially they will look good asymmetric model.
  • Mini crown - not quite a good choice for a bride with a curvaceous and small stature.
  • Tall, thin and of medium height, slender girls can safely decorate their hair and tiara will look beautiful
  • Women who have small, delicate facial features should not choose a massive hair accessories. They are more suitable small models tiaras.
  • For rectangular and oblong type of person Pick up the model of medium thickness and uniform shape, without the high peaks.

Forms wedding tiaras

Before the bride and groom offer a huge selectionmini wedding crowns. Diadem - a decoration for the head as a crown. It may take the form of a closed circle or rim. Tiara differ in size, design, fixtures way high. Their use for the manufacture of a variety of materials. It can be as precious metals and stones, as well as less cost of their imitators.

In the form of the rim or ridge

Tiaras-rims are mounted on the head similarlyhoop. The accessory can be placed around the head or dress on her hair like a crown in the horizontal plane. On the inner side of the rim may be small scallops for fixing it on installation. The bride in the rim in the form of mini-crown will look gentle, solemn. Tiara-Comb is well fixed in the installation with the help of teeth located on the back side of the accessory. It goes well this model and the veil, and even a tiara-comb can be used for high hairstyles.

Tiaras as a comb for the bride

The shape of the crown

Decoration hairstyles in the shape of a crown looks brighteffectively. Laying the bride is adorned with precious stones, Swarovski crystals or pearls. Crown is able to make an image of the bride and emphasize its majestic status. If you want to feel like a queen, look at the mini-crown when choosing accessories for the wedding.

Crown Tiara for brides

In the form of a hoop, or crown

Mini Crown for brides may be in the form of ringsor in the form of a semicircle. Tiaras-ferronnière that adorn the head, forehead, girl, will be able to make an image of the bride romantic and unusual. They can be beautifully decorated with precious stones and have the open structure. The original form of a mini-crown in the Greek style, which is done in the form of the crown, because it is characterized by simplicity and elegance. The Greek crowns all the details are designed in one color.

Tiaras, crowns, hoops for the bride

Possible wedding tiaras

Mini Crown for brides made of differentmaterial: it can be gold, silver or less precious metal. Tiara made of precious materials adorned with diamonds or other jewels and crowns from a simple metal decorated with artificial shiny elements. Modern designers in the production of mini-crowns using the Baroque style, Empire. Decorations accessories for hairstyles should overlap with the decor, dress, or other elements in the image of the bride.

Tiara with stones or sequins

Expensive jewelry with preciousstones - is the choice of the rich bride. Gold crowns diamonds will give the bride a king striking look. If earrings, necklaces or other jewelry the bride will be made of the same elements as the mini-crown, it will make the image of the girl in a harmonious and perfect. No less impressive look these hair ornaments with Swarovski stones, because they emit spectacular shimmer, shine. If the bride's dress is decorated with Swarovski stones, then it is well suited to hair ornament with a similar decor.

Tiara with stones and rhinestones for wedding

Decorated with pearls or beads

Modern bride of the royal family came outmarried the crown adorned with pearls. Pearl beads are perfectly combined with both precious metals and with less expensive materials mini crowns. White pearls in hair accessories in perfect harmony with white wedding dress, especially if it is decorated with precious sea shells gifts. Graceful crowns made of beads: it's cheap, but beautiful products, some newlyweds make their own or bought from skilled craftsmen.

Diadem with beads and pearls for the bride

Decorated with flowers and butterflies

Decorated with artificial flowers crowns - thisfashion trend in wedding fashion. Decoration in the form of petals or flower buds are made of different materials - precious metal, textile or plastic. Wreaths, decorated with flowers, help to emphasize the romantic style of the girl at the wedding. Original and look cute hair accessories decorated with butterflies, in addition, they can be decorated with glittering stones. Crowns with butterflies give the bride a sophisticated, elegant look.

Wedding tiara with butterflies, flowers

Bridal hairstyles with tiara

If you decide to decorate your wedding tiara image, then for a harmonious, spectacular species is necessary to choose the right hairstyle:

  • It looks great on this jewel long loose curls.
  • To enhance the beauty of curly hair is better to choose a small model of graceful work.
  • Beautifully arranged long straight hair will perfectly blend in with the mini crown.
  • small crowns, crests suitable for volume hairstyles. They look spectacular on the hair gathered in an elegant bun.
  • Greek styling with rims combine perfectly and give the image of women romance, femininity.
  • Volume, beautiful styling will blend in perfectly with a small, modest decoration on the hair.

Bridal hairstyles with tiara and tiara

Which wedding dress suit tiara

Style and color of a wedding dress - it is importantFactors to consider when choosing a hair accessory. Harmonious look crowns in which pattern, stones or other elements correspond to similar details in a wedding dress. This is not a rule, but this combination will make a magnificent image of the bride. Effectively will look at a wedding a girl on a dress and a crown are floral patterns.

To choose the right mini-crown under the dress, keep the following tips:

  • Hair Accessories in geometric patterns or straight lines look good on the background slim wedding dress.
  • Wedding dress pearls will be in harmony with the decoration of hair in pearl beads.
  • Along with rhinestones requires that the decoration on the hair has been with the same elements.
  • For any wedding dress fit a model without the pearls, but with stones.
  • With the white dress of the bride will blend in fine silver tiara adorned with white pearls, sequins, rhinestones.
  • With shades of ivory dress will go well with the model, decorated with pearls or made in golden color.
  • Brilliant white dress will look great with a silver tiara, gold-colored or decorated with pearls.
  • By alongside champagne hue suitable model gold color or with dark pearl details.
  • Short dress better not to combine royal accessory for stacking.

Wedding dresses and tiaras

Photo of wedding tiaras for brides

The beautiful decoration of the royal type wellcomplement the image of the girl wedding. It looks great on their own and with a veil. Different types of decoration are beautiful in their own way and be able to make a girl a bright and showy to marriage. When choosing a tiara pay attention to the color and finish of the wedding dress, because it helps to create a bright and harmonious image of the girl at the wedding.

Wedding tiara