The head-dress of the bride

No matter what style your will be donewedding, the girl in the wedding day, it should wear a hat. Without this attribute of the image of the bride is incomplete. The head of the bride dress can be different. The only rule that applies to his choice - a matching dress accessories. So, if you prefer an extravagant style of the wedding, it is necessary to consider when choosing not only the dress, but also jewelry to hair.

Types of Wedding headgear

The modern fashion gives the girls a large selectionwedding dresses and accessories. You can get married in a traditional white magnificent dress or shirt to wear to the ceremony with shorts. It does not matter, chooses the young conservative wedding dress or a bright and original dress to complete the image, the bride will be decorations needed. An important role is played by a headdress of them. So, you can stay at one of the many styles of hair accessories: hats, tiaras, wreaths. Complement is a veil. Modern bride has to choose from.


It is believed that a woman who has in the wardrobethere are hats, it has a complex character and good taste. Therefore, if the bride as a wedding headdress chosen a hat, do not argue with her. Among young girls, this wedding accessory is not very popular, but mature women, marrying, often prefer only to him. Just at the age of 30+ marriage is perceived more as a formality than a great celebration.

Wedding hats for brides

If you're staying at this version of the weddingheaddress, it is worth considering some important nuances. First, check to see if it is combined with the dress. By finery hat is not exactly suitable. However, it was "friendly" with narrow and long dresses. An important role is played by the choice of the bride's appearance. For example, tiny girls is recommended to select small cap and high brides is better to stay on the broad model. The rest is to listen to your inner instinct.


The wreath was a fixture in just a couple of bridecenturies ago. Then it was called fledoranzhem, he was decorated with flowers of orange tree, so the composition was dominated by orange. The accessory consists of ribbons, flowers and pearls. Current models are decorated, and other elements, including Swarovski crystals. The wreath can be attached to a veil and with it is a single composition. From now on, the girls offer more choice - live and artificial flowers of different colors.

Bridal Wreath


A classic head-dress of the bride - a bridal veil. Previously, it was considered a symbol of transformation in the girl and the woman was very long. The traditions of the past have gone, and you can not only adjust the style veil, but did abandon it. However, most brides still opted for this accessory, and for good reason. Fata adds the image of femininity, tenderness, gives the ceremony a special touch. When you purchase should be based on compatibility with the model selected veil dress. Remember that the white color is universal and suitable for any outfit the bride.

Universal model veils


Owners of luxury hair, who do not wanthidden under the lace veil, you should pay attention to the tiara. This headpiece decorate any bride, no matter what outfit she was wearing. Wedding tiara - is part of the hair, which perfectly complements her and brings the image of the bride solemnity. You can leave your hair loose or make an elaborate high hair, in any case, the tiara will look great. If it is selected, consider the presence of other decorations that you plan to wear on your wedding day, do not overdo it with their number.

Wedding tiara

How to choose bridal headdress for the wedding?

For a wedding in the church girl should pick uplong veil without unnecessary adornments. Short model will not work, because you need to dress completely covered the face of the bride at her entrance to the temple. You can replace the traditional lace veil on the beautiful white shawl, sewed from expensive fabric. Very beautiful this piece looks at the bride adulthood. But all kinds of hats, crowns and diadems in the wedding ceremony look ridiculous.

Photo of fashionable hats for brides

Wedding fashion is very democratic to datenewlyweds. It does not provide for strict canons on the choice of tiaras, veils, hats. Every girl has the right to decide for itself what style to choose for her wedding. But it is important to choose shoes, clothes and accessories so as to create a harmonious image that will appeal to not only the bride, but also to all those present.

Hair jewelry for wedding