Peacock feather in the image of a bride

To create the one and onlyWedding image of the bride invent various tricks. Some apply extraordinary detail, from brooches retro, long veils to huge bows in her hair. Others use unusual materials for wedding dress or rely on the original bouquet. How to stand out among all the Suite, but not oversaturate your image with unnecessary elements? Note the peacock feathers that give your style of glamor, sophistication and luxury.

Ideas of using peacock feathers in the form of a bride

Bird of paradise feathers are extraordinarydecoration for the bride, they are bright, original. Peacock subjects in the image of the bride has no boundaries, tail acts as elements of a wedding bouquet decor, wedding dresses, bags, shoes and even a manicure. The color style of celebration should be selected under the peacock colors: green suit, blue, purple and brown. In this case, the relevance of feathers will be one hundred percent.

Wedding dress with peacock feathers

When choosing outfits newlyweds a lot of attentionIt is given to wedding dress, because it is the most important attribute of the wedding ceremony. On how the bride looks depends half the success of the celebration. To find the perfect and the only option, it takes a long time. Therefore, designers and fashion designers have to work hard to meet the whimsical wishes Suite.

Feathers of a peacock - a beautiful materialWedding masters. Plumage has an extensive range of colors from snow white to dark brown. They can decorate any wedding dress: forward, lush, long, mini, midi. Attire bride does not have to be white, there are many beautiful flowers and colors, in harmony with the bird of paradise feathers. For the brave and daring brides feature original styles of wedding dresses with feathers Peacock:

  • Short dresses for the summer period. They are very diverse: Along with direct silhouette, a classic sheath dress, one shoulder, with open shoulders. Elegant top of the dress will draw attention to the bust and waist, and magnificent feather skirt favorably emphasize the beauty and harmony of the legs.
  • Mermaid. Lacy, corrugated, satin dress, close-fitting shape of the bride to mid-thigh, and then - gradually turning into a graceful tail feathers of the air will be accentuated by the dignity of the figure, the elegance of the lines slender bride.
  • A princess. A good choice for a romantic, tender girls. Wedding dress, decorated the entire length of gold or pure white plumage, is the best fit for a winter wedding, and fur bolero is an excellent complement to it.
  • Retro style. Firmly hold the first position in the ranking of wedding dresses vintage dresses. For models characterized by a high line neckline, lace or guipure skirt, straight silhouettes. The use of white peacock feather dress better conveys retro image of the last century.

Most original models

Decor shoes peacock feathers

An excellent alternative to the classic weddingshoes shoes will be decorated with feathers. They look bold, passionate, bright. White color in the shoes as well as is not required in a wedding dress. Footwear other colors and looks of the original will be useful in everyday wear after the wedding celebration. Bright feathers adorn:

  • toe sandals;
  • shoe edge;
  • buckle or strap zone;
  • your entire shoe.

decorated shoes

Comb or hat

Tastefully decorate the bride's head to help the cap andscallops, decorated with peacock feathers. Each accessory has its own advantage. The cap, in contrast to the veil, comfortable and practical, with its help it is easy to correct asymmetry of the face, to emphasize the individuality of the bride image. The comb is used not only as an ornament for the hair, but also as a tool for fixing the other elements of the installation.

Among the hats, decorated with peacock feathers, the most popular are:

  • Tablet. Cap oval borderless for aristocratic, vintage wedding.
  • Veil. It consists of a rim, veils, peacock feather. It gives the image of the bride touch of mystery and enigma.
  • Cylinder. Extravagant option wedding headdress. Appropriate in combination with the tapered bottom of the dress.
  • Flower. Lavishly decorated hat in the form of a large blossoming bud will be interesting romantic brides.

Wedding comb is simple, easy to handle. It is advisable to use it for decoration asymmetric pilings. The ridges are of different shape, size, style: short, long, arched. Decorate with feathers, they are easy itself, it does not take a lot of time, but the result will exceed all expectations. Hair feathers looks gentle and unusual.

Unusual crests

Earrings and Necklace

One of the main roles in the creation of an idealimage of the bride played the wedding decorations. Earrings should emphasize the advantages of the bride's face, fit the makeup. The main feature of these earrings - peacock feathers, which should be the right size, shape and color:

  • Blondes do not fit the white feathers that simply merge with blond curls.
  • Redheads should avoid red, but green, blue will be just right.
  • Girls with brown hair fit brown feathers.

When choosing a necklace and bracelet for weddingalong stick to one style, use the closest in tone color palette of peacock feathers. The choice of jewelry should be moderate. For a classic wedding set consists of earrings and necklaces. If the dress and so adorned with peacock feathers, from the necklace is completely abandoned.

Decorated earrings bride

Decoration clutch bride peacock feather

Bride Handbag - an integral functionpart of wedding image. Feathers add her grace and lightness. Clutch Decor feathers must be made a minimum. If the bag is decorated with several perinki allowed finishing in the same decor hairstyle or bouquet. If the clutch is fully decorated with feathers, even if the emphasis belongs only to him.

Blue-green clutches

Wedding manicure

Hands of the bride in the wedding day is constantly onmind, and therefore, must be perfect manicure. Nature has generously endowed peacock iridescent, bright juicy plumage coloring. Therefore, the design of nails in the form of a peacock's feathers should be treated very seriously. From well-chosen color combinations it depends on the quality manicure. One extra shade is able to make a rough drawing, dim.

Themed Nail Art

Wedding bridal bouquet with peacock feathers

Bridal bouquet should also fit into the overallstyle wedding. Surprise your guests an original composition, the main focus of which will be peacock feathers. Interestingly in a wedding bouquet will look like a combination of feathers:

  • with fresh flowers;
  • with greens and cones;
  • with other decorative elements;
  • together.

Bouquets bride

The feathers of peacocks are very popular in the modernwedding fashion. They represent the beauty, ease, grace, elegance. Peacocks considered divine paradise birds that symbolize immortality, longevity, elegance. The coloring of the plumage of the eye is considered a talisman against the evil eye and spoilage. Peacock wedding theme will be a bright, stylish element of the wedding and the bride image.