Buttonholes on hand

Originally was a traditional man's boutonniereaccessory, as translated from the French language states that it is "a flower in his buttonhole." Times go by, fashion changes, expands the range of application of floral wedding attributes. Increasingly, the bride adorn themselves and their clothes in small bunches or single flowers. Especially look beautiful buttonholes attached to the wrist of the girl.

How to choose the right buttonhole

It would seem that could be easier than to buy a small floral arrangement for a hand? In order to reveal all the facets of the beauty of this accessory, it is necessary to know some subtleties:

Boutonniere should match the style and color of the bride with a bouquet.
The composition should be composed of one or three small single color or different species, but in harmony with each other.
Requires combination with boutonniere bride wrist with a model of her dress.
When using the floral decorations on the wrist a few girls - compliance with the overall image taken at this wedding.

Should the combined boutonniere bride and bridesmaids

The combination between the bride and boutonniere itGirlfriends have to be. Do not forget the main rule of the wedding - the bride's bouquet and boutonniere are essential for this holiday. For the bridesmaids made a small copy of floral accessories bride. Color, style, floral idea remains the same, but the buttonholes bridesmaids should be a little more modest, so as not to overshadow or detract from the image of the main culprits celebrations, which should be the most elegant and exquisite flower arrangements.

Combining boutonniere bride and bridesmaids

Possible wedding boutonnieres on hands

Boutonniere - a part of the wedding image. Repeating details bouquet bride hand at the wrist makes it way more stylish and creates a special unique charm. Flight of fancy florist and his particular vision of the bride ornaments in a joint creative work can create incredibly beautiful floral arrangement at hand. What it will be - it depends on the tastes and preferences of the bride.

Of fabric or satin ribbons

Boutonniere is an integral part of weddingattributes, it is not the last place in the form of newly-married couple. For girls flower decoration on the wrist, made of satin ribbons or tissues is considered to be not only an original, beautiful, but also more practical solution decor. Silk flowers will not wither on the hand, not the petals fall off at the wrong time.

The color gamut among tissue samples and tapeschoose much easier. Create a flower, which maybe does not even exist in nature, decorate it with rhinestones in the form of drops of dew, add interesting details such as beads, feathers - all that a bride can do herself or with her friends on the eve of the wedding. Leaving buttonhole after the celebration in memory, each woman, including the bride, will be remembered for years to come on this day.

Wedding boutonniere of satin ribbons and fabrics

Boutonniere bracelet of flowers

If the bride wants to stand in front of guests inbeautiful image of a forest having a close spiritual relationship with nature, then it must be only decoration with fresh flowers. Gathering blossoms in a kind of wreath, fastened with an elastic band or tape, diluted beauty buds sprig of greenery, an experienced florist will make sure to extend the life of these gentle creatures with petals. Special treatment plant will allow longer maintain the freshness and delight present its pristine beauty. Against the background of a white wedding dress fresh flowers look attractive.

The bracelet on the wrist of the bride of flowers

From artificial flowers

Some brides go to a small trick: buy boutonnieres made on the basis of artificial flowers, which can be a worthy substitute for the living relatives. Outwardly, this decoration is not much different, only at a close closer inspection shows the difference. The great advantage is that it is not necessary to control the freshness of the mini-bouquet. Modern needlewoman carved replicas of colors, keeping the proportions and colors. These boutonnieres safer to use and can be stored for many years in the family, as a talisman.

Boutonniere with artificial flowers

Boutonniere made of polymer clay

Polymer Clay for the first time began to be used inapplied art in the middle of the twentieth century. Masters found use self-hardening mass, creating a marvelous job. Flowers, berries, bouquets, out-of-professional hands, it is difficult to distinguish from the real, live.

Small details of petals, the veins on the leaves,color palette - complete reconstruction of living natural gifts is a credit to the masters who create these masterpieces. Corsage on bride's hand, created on the basis of polymer clay, can not leave anyone indifferent.

Boutonniere on the basis of polymer clay

Video: how to make a boutonniere with his own hands

Wedding industry is not standing still, all the fashionoften advised to pay attention to objects made by hand. A little hard work, perseverance and imagination to help create a man-made miracle, that will remind you and your friends not only on the wedding day, but also the preparation for it. By organizing collective production of wedding paraphernalia, you will never forget those minutes spent for the joint handiwork.

Video Offer us is proofthat make the boutonniere on the wrist is not difficult. To prepare the necessary materials in the form of cloth, candles, threads, decorations, carefully watching the stages of work and spent quite a bit of time, you get the original decoration, which will feel the warmth of your hands and heart.

Photo boutonnieres for the bride and her bridesmaids

The idea of ​​creating buttonholes attached towrist, gave a new round of wedding fashion. The bride and her bridesmaids can not worry about what you need to keep the bouquet in his hands during the entire holiday. His little copy can become a boutonniere, which frees your hands, but will be an ornament of the wedding dress and the bride image. Girls with floral bracelets are always a festive and elegant look. The variety of shapes, colors and raw material for boutonnieres will allow you to choose the decoration of which you dreamed of.

Wedding boutonniere bride wrist