Wedding in Spanish style: passion and luxury!

All the standard traditions that are linkedperfectly with any wedding event, start to annoy. The way out of this holiday routine is a direct rejection of the various types of templates. Select as the primary Spanish-themed style. Your wedding is immediately transformed and filled with the colors hot and passionate Spain.

Romance and passion of the Spanish wedding

We invite guests to their wedding Spanish

Romantic and full of real feelings wedding feast must have at its location are the same cause and bright invitations. They can be red with severalpetals of red roses inside. Visiting relatives and guests are required to obtain such invitations at least two weeks before the event. This is to ensure that all the time to properly prepare for the themed evenings.

Bold and emotional Invitations

What will go to a wedding in the Spanish style?

Any Spanish event is always bright and saturated triumph. Of course, they include and wedding ceremonies. The bride should be dressed in white Wedding Dress with lace. However, remember that it should not be particularly long. So it opened on the territory of the Spanish land. As for the groom, then all is more or less standard. The stylish wedding suit can be replaced, and even a tuxedo and tailcoat bright business.

Just do not forget that the wedding in Spanishstyle holiday is a bold, open and emotional. So all the guests who came to their appearance should show just that. Many visitors of the wedding news portal can confirm that the wedding party are in Spanish style by the energetic and groovy. After all, the Spanish population as one loves life and fun.

Wedding dress in the Spanish style

What kind of transportation to choose for a Spanish-style wedding?

Bright cars, here's what you need. Colorful and causing the color of cars Convertible. Lots of hot music on the way to marriage for wedding or banquet hall. The ornaments on the cars must prevail red. For this reason, and should be attached to the cars stylish ribbons and garlands of flowers that air saturated hue. Like wedding procession It may consist of a small number of machines, as in Spain on such a happy holiday invite only close friends and relatives.

Bright colorful cars for wedding

We make wedding hall in a single passion

As already mentioned, red weddingshould fully subdue and unite the other shades under his rule. Flowers in a banquet hall should be a lot. On the tables, it is desirable the immediate presence of metal utensils, which will add to your wedding celebration even more color and originality. Spanish weddings can boast the visual minimalism as the whole atmosphere of joy for the newlyweds create hot Spaniards.

Red should priobladat around

At the end I would like to add that the Spanish wedding style It implies not only the registration of all the attributes andmachines decorations, costumes and a kind of scenery. First of all, at a wedding in the Spanish style should be dancing, dancing and dancing again. Incendiary theme Spanish guitar must permeate your body and throw you into a dance. Many readers wedding site can confirm to you that this entertainment will not leave anyone indifferent completely on this holiday of love. So, as they say, go for it. With you all hot and passionate Spain. And part of this beautiful country and it may be at your wedding.

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