Wedding in Chinese style: exotic beauty!

China is a country rich in tradition. The bright colors and wonderful symbolism, colorful interior decor and facilities, unusual costumes and headdresses. Wedding in Chinese style is gaining popularity in the West and in other countries as radically different from the classic weddings. Here you will find rare white and black color - most likely the wedding will take place in red and gold colors. This style is suitable for the brave and enterprising honeymooners, wedding traditions that honor not only their country but also in other countries.

Decorate a wedding in the Chinese style

The decoration of the table it should be refined andbeautiful. Chinese style involves full benefit details. Use in decorating the room decorations origami, which originated in ancient China. Origami - a figure made of paper, which are formed without the aid of glue. For the wedding you can choose something soft and romantic. Take a few pigeons in origami style and hang them on a festive table.

Decoration wedding table in the Chinese style

Also, decorate the table with flowers, because flowers areone of the Chinese characters, which take care of nature and honor all life. Do not pluck the flowers can be arranged on a table with pots of fresh flowers, which can be decorated with beautiful ornaments, or Chinese characters. Use the characters in the decoration of the wedding hall. Can you hang pictures on the walls with different character for words such as love, happiness, family. You can also use other decorative items, such as panels with Chinese ancient stories, lamps or lanterns, accessories and more. A lot of useful information on wedding table decoration and halls in different styles can be found on portal.

Invitation for Chinese wedding

We create a unique image of the newlyweds in the Chinese tradition

Create images of the bride and groom in ChineseIt requires diligence and time, because in the Chinese tradition it is the whole ceremony. Traditional Chinese dress is made in red colors with gold embroidery and ornaments. This dress is called ple and has a very complex and beautiful pattern. It also may be other options for dresses that will combine Eastern refinement and sensuality.

Beautiful dress in Chinese style

Also, in addition to dresses, the bride should carry a few bridal accessories. It can be a mask or an umbrella and hat, symbolizing the beginning of the entry into a happy marriage.

Wedding in Chinese style

As for shoes, you can choose a comfortableshoes on a small heel, which will be easy to move, because Chinese wedding dresses are very narrow and close-fitting. Pay also special attention to make-up and hairstyle. Make-up should be as light, almost white. However, to make up the lips is bright red lipstick. The site advises put her hair in a neat hairstyle high and decorate it with fresh flowers.

The image of the groom does not require much effort. For the wedding you can pick up a suit with embroidery Chinese style or a shirt, made in the Chinese tradition, usually silk.

Several Chinese traditions

Surely, everyone knows about the popularity of the Chinesetea ceremony. You can organize a tea party in full swing with a delicious wedding cake. Brew a real Chinese tea in a special dish and Treat your guests. China is very rich in traditions and customs, including wedding. Popularly run lush bright fireworks and launch sky lanterns at night. You can also follow the example of the Chinese people and to use this tradition to your wedding.

Sky lanterns

Wedding in Chinese style is original with its brightness and traditional. Bright colors, patterns and characters turn a head, and you will remember for a lifetime!

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