Wedding in the Greek style

Greece is a country in which overall praise the beauty of its existence. A modern wedding absolutely beautiful from all sides. For this reason, and should refer to the grounds and the atmosphere of ancient Greece, and colorful.

Wedding in traditional Greek style

Start with invitations

For such a specialized wedding partyvintage fit for the type of papyrus scrolls, which will be tied with a stylish belt. For a more vibrant effect you can wear out the paper. So thank you in advance notify their relatives and friends about the wedding style. This, by the way, it is necessary to ensure that guests can prepare themselves to the Greek theme wedding night. To do this, you can also draw on the invitations original map of Greece.

Greek wedding invitations

What is to come to the wedding in the Greek style?

To begin with, of course, talk about the weddingbride's dress. It should be white. Another Greek style allows the bedding or cream colors that emphasize all the advantages of tanned leather future wife.

Numerous readers wedding can tell you that the make-up while choosing a wedding style should be restrained and have only natural colors of lipsticks and shadows.

But the outfit for the groom optionallycan strictly conform to the Greek style. After all, in ancient Greece respected men wore laurel wreaths and symbolic raincoats. So the new husband may abandon the idea. It will be more than look appropriately and in strict evening dress next to her charming lover, galloping on his horse straight from the Greek sun edges.

The dress in the Greek style

What move?

For the wedding of the Greek biasit is desirable to find a chariot. Of course, this form of transport for long be remembered by all invited friends and relatives. However, if the above-mentioned vehicles is still not there, you can get a standard white and coach. All other guests will be more than pleased to feel in a wedding motorcade, which will consist entirely of white cars. Remember that Greece is associated with white shades. Ornaments on the machines must also be designed in one color version.

A white coach is also suitable for the Greek wedding

Making banquet hall

For a wedding in the style of ancient Greece, it is desirablefind a place that would have an original columns. They can be decorated with beautiful fresh flowers. Also suitable for this purpose and laurel branches, which will remind you what style is celebrated this wedding. Complement the image of the clay bowls and trays, which are lined with beautiful and delicious dishes.

Of course, at a wedding party in the Greekstyle can not do without the harp, which is to focus the attention of all the invited guests. In general, all that, one way or another, connected with this ancient and beautiful country, and should be reflected on your desktop and in the general festive atmosphere.

Everything should remind Greece

At the end I would like to add that, in selectingas the Greek style wedding theme, you will not regret it. This can be confirmed by numerous reputable readers wedding site, who have visited such unusual and delicious festival of love. So if you still want to make their wedding memorable and original, then you should listen to the explanation of the mysterious and colorful ancient Greece.

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