Super Wedding in the Japanese style - beautiful, bright, original!

Today, many are discovering the cultureJapan, a bright, unusual and mysterious. If you and your companion close dimensional, full of traditions, rituals and ceremonies, life and philosophy of the rising sun, why not arrange a wedding in the Japanese style?

Traditional Japanese outfits
Japanese umbrella

The images of the bride and groom

Typically, a traditional Japanese wedding groomswear loose trousers hakama and haori jacket top, and the bride's white kimono, which during the day several times changed to other wedding dresses. Complement traditional wedding image of bride and wigs are decorated with gold threads, artificial flowers and pearls. A foundation makeup brides are considered white and bright red lipstick.

In this way solved difficult, is not it? Moreover, it is not necessarily. The groom is dressed in an ordinary European suit and the bride in her dress to add some Japanese elements, for example, to make traditional Japanese hairstyle, wear a wedding dress with a wide belt, hand-held fan or carry a Japanese umbrella.

Traditional Japanese hairstyle

The tradition of the wedding ceremony

Probably, in Japan the tradition covering all sphereslife, the wedding traditions and rituals just do not count! Japanese super wedding begins with a religious ceremony, attended by only the closest relatives of the bride and groom. Considered obligatory presence of the matchmaker, or nakodil. Previously nakodil I considered the person who arranged for an acquaintance of the bride and groom, and today can be considered any matchmaker close friend of the groom.

Wedding ceremony itself consists of manyelements, the most symbolic of which is the adoption of the bride and groom wedding vows. After the vows are, the couple drinking wine or sake, sharing bowls nine times. This symbolizes their bond is strong and durable conjugal union. This element of the Japanese wedding ceremony can be included in the European wedding.

After the religious ceremony took place, those present are sent to the place of the banquet, where they are waiting for the other guests.

Where to celebrate wedding?

Of course, the most traditional and simple waynote book wedding celebration in a Japanese restaurant. Our wedding portal Svadebka.Ws advised in advance to find out whether all guests to enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine, and provide food for those who prefer European food, as well as take care of that for beginners who do not know how to use Japanese chopsticks provided special "training " cutlery.

There is no need to describe in detail the weddingdishes: they are all part of the traditional Japanese cuisine. This is, first and foremost, sushi, rolls, a variety of seafood and sashimi. Wedding cake in modern Japanese culture is no different from the European. The most popular and loved by the Japanese drink green tea is served at the beginning and at the end of the wedding party. Also popular and easy apple sake or plum wine.

If the majority of your guests coldrefer to Japanese cuisine, it is possible to note a wedding and a European restaurant. Just add to the interior of the banquet hall Japanese elements, for example, decorate it with sprigs of cherry blossoms and orchids, put on a small table bonsai, the main sources of light make paper lanterns. Try to keep the dominant tones of the interior of the banquet hall were white, beige, pink and green. Pick wedding light oriental music, offer guests a fan.

Japanese food

The main distinguishing feature of the Japanese wedding, then,than it is so captivating, rhythm, serenity. Therefore, it is important to consider all the smallest details. A little imagination and you will find true Japanese wedding day, bright, original, harmonious and elegant.

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