Wedding in fairy-tale style: magic and miracles

Many people dream of an extraordinary wedding allhis adult life. And to turn into a fairy tale wedding you do not need a magic wand or fairy godmother. Think about what is important to you in a relationship with her lover, about your dreams, about the things that delight, love, and you will realize that the magic in your heart. From wedding invitations to wedding dress - create a fairy tale wedding!

A wedding in the style of Snow White

Decide on the concept

Tale of the tale - discord, because fairy tale - the whole world. For example, the following can be distinguished among the fabulous festivals:

  • A wedding in the style of "Cinderella"
  • Wedding in the style of "The Wizard of Oz"
  • Wedding in the style of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
  • A wedding in the style of "Sleeping Beauty"
  • Wedding in the style of "Alice in Wonderland"

All these celebrations are based on fairy tales thatdifferent story, distinctive characters, a set of magic items, fantastic atmosphere in the end. Having defined a fabulous concept, the main theme of the wedding, you can proceed to the selection of the other elements for celebration.

A wedding in the style of Alice in Wonderland
A wedding in the style of The Sleeping Beauty
A wedding in the style of Little Mermaid
A wedding in the style of Snow White
The image of the bride in the style of The Wizard of Oz

Where to celebrate a fabulous celebration?

Podyschu some picturesque place, for example,forest edges or a mysterious pond. Arrange a wedding in nature, if the holiday is celebrated in the warmer months. For the cold periods are perfect palaces, castles and old mansions. The main thing, find the right place that reflects your idea of ​​a fairy tale. Website considers the idea to arrange a marriage registration excellent, as in this case, no formalities and bureaucratic details will not spoil the fabulous atmosphere.

A wedding in a castle
A wedding in the style of Alice in Wonderland
Elven wedding

Wedding dress

Choosing dress for a wedding in fairy style -flight to the imagination. If you are a creative person, then enthusiastically prefer watching their favorite movies and fantasy flick favorite scenes tales. You can sketch a sketch of yourself, and then apply to the company for the implementation of ideas, or go on an exciting journey through the salons in search of a wedding dress dreams. Be more flexible and consider the various options.

A wedding in the style of Cinderella
Wedding Alice in Wonderland
Elven wedding
Fairytale wedding

wedding Design

wedding decoration must comply with the mainfabulous idea. Of great importance are the details, because they are able to create the mood that corresponds to the tale and holiday. Carefully choose the materials to decorate the banquet room (silk, satin, "flying" and transparent fabrics). Pick up unusual souvenirs and items for wedding decoration: pay attention to antiques and things made in the technique of decoupage. Think about how to make a romantic and mysterious lighting (eg glass garland to decorate the wedding hall, Projector "night sky" for the evening, or even professional lighting).

A wedding in the style of Snow White
A wedding in the style of Alice in Wonderland
A wedding in the style of Snow White


Having decided to organize a wedding in a fantastic style,should consider not only the bride's bouquet, flower decoration and the whole holiday. After the flowers often play an important role in fairy tales and are the main parts in the design of the exterior of the characters, their homes or magical palaces. Think flower decoration painting, banquet hall (including bouquets for tables or instead of boarding cards), transportation, etc. Remember, all the flowers have to be in the same style and fit with the main concept of the festival.

A wedding in the style of Snow White
The decor in the style of The Wizard of Oz
A wedding in the style of The Sleeping Beauty


No decent tale is not withoutamazing vehicles. Your task - to impress guests unusual transport to move the wedding. Magic Carpet, you can hardly find, but horse-drawn carriages and coaches at your disposal.

The carriage for the wedding

themed Entertainment

For total immersion, guests in a fairytale atmosphere,Think wedding contests and entertainment associated with the wedding theme. Invite musicians who sing ballad songs and legends, ancient dances Teach together. You can even invite guests to play their own tales scenarios. In this case, assures wedding portal, you will help an experienced manager weddings.

Fairytale wedding in nature

The organization of the wedding in a fairytale style, you can realize the most bold and vivid dreams. Do not be afraid to experiment, trust imagination and write their own fairy tale.

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