Wedding in the style of jazz: the spirit of freedom and youth

Recent yield in rent the film adaptation of the novelFitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" has caused a new wave of interest in the era of jazz and American 20-30s. We offer readers portal idea for a wedding under the sounds of the saxophone.

Music rules the ball

Wedding in Jazz style implies a dominantthe role of the musical accompaniment of the event. To realize this can be inviting to the celebration of saxophonist or trumpeter dressed according to the spirit of the era checkered suit and elegant hat.

Another option - to invite a jazz band that will immerse all guests and the heroes of the occasion in the most unforgettable atmosphere of jazz.

Jazz Band for a wedding

If the bride is able to play the piano, it would be great to give her the opportunity to showcase their talent to all the guests.

Music should be present in everything: it can be a music notation drawing on wedding invitationsCorresponding to the decoration of the hall, the wedding cake, etc.

Wedding cake with jazz themes

"Gangster" dress code

Fun, speed and brightness - distinctiveespecially with jazz-themed wedding. Therefore, the bride and groom outfits (and guests) must be blind. For the bride dress style selection is determined by fashion trends of the era of jazz: a straight cut dresses, low waistline, deep cleavage. Also popular asymmetric hemline and an abundance of embroidery and fringe. Whitened face, shaded dark shadows and dark red lips - the main features of the "jazz" wedding makeup.

The image of the bride's era jazz

The bride can choose the Italian stylegangster with contrasting stripes on the suit and two-color shoes. It is also possible, and more than the classic version: a strict tuxedo. In this case, the image is ideally complement the cane.

Newlyweds in a jazz style

Butterflies can become a mandatory element of the dress all the men invited to the celebration. To give such a role to play successfully element hat or gloves.

Jazz in the way of clothes guests

Take lessons from the past

Lots of interesting ideas for wedding jazzYou can be gleaned by reading the very spirit of postwar America 20-ies. Portal recommended for viewing such legendary films like "Some Like It Hot", "Brideshead Revisited," "Oscar". This movie is really inspiring and suggests the incredible new ideas related to the theme of jazz!

For example, while the huge popularity enjoyed cigars, cigar even whole clubs existed. This idea can be realized by arranging a separate table for the lovers of good cigars.

Mindful of the then existing "dry" law,can be given the atmosphere of the wedding party illegal when not on the table bottles with alcohol and drink it from conventional cups, so as not to find itself in the case of unexpected police visit.

A grand wedding fireworks at the end of the evening will be harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of fun, noise and celebration.

We can say that the wedding in the style of jazz - the choicecourageous and extraordinary young people who are not afraid to experiment and do not want to just organize a good wedding, and arrange the whole idea that will long be remembered to all participants of the celebration.

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