Wedding in the style of the country: natural beauty and refinement!

Country style or style of "country" is excellentIt fits into the wedding connoisseurs all natural and beautiful. The wooden parts of the interior, vintage ornaments and pale bright colors - all this distinguishes the style of country music from other styles. This design is suitable for creative people with a broad and open mind, who love and appreciate the natural beauty of restraint and order. If you like the comfort and warmth, then this style is perfect for your wedding.

Newlyweds in country style

wedding decor in the "country" style

Since your wedding will be done in a rustic style, you should be as close as possible to the image of natural beauty. It is best to carry out wedding in nature. You can build a beautiful arch of livingflowers near where the wedding ceremony will take place. However, if you do not have such an opportunity, you can rent a country house or any wooden room where you can organize a wedding table, as well as a place for dancing.

Welcomed the presence of dried flowers or straw,which will give your wedding decor color. Perhaps that is best in country style, is its simplicity and efficiency. You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy expensive furniture and accessories. It is enough to put a big wooden tables and benches.

The table can be decorated with live flowersAnd this can be done by hand. Take a few liter glass jars or other containers and fill them with water. Inside immerse bouquets of daisies, you can gather up yourself in the field. To your vases look more attractive, add water, lemon slices, which give the image of lightness and freshness.

On the table can be expanded clay saucer. Good fit and materials such as wood, iron, metal. Website tells you about how you can arrange your own hands festive table without spending time and money.

The decor in the country style

Wedding in country style

Sweet stolv style kanrtri

The decor in the country style

Wedding decorations

The decor in the country style

The decor in the country style

Cake in country style

Invitations country style

The image of newlyweds

The image of the bride country-style should be as simple andgentle. This may be a white lace dress adorned with flowers. Also choose such materials to dress like cotton and linen, to add the image of the natural charm. To add to the image of the bride's bright accent, use colorful accessory in the form of the bride's bouquet or hair ornaments. Pick pleasant sunny colors, such as yellow or orange. The white linen suits, you can also put all the guests to be in harmony with your image.

The bridesmaids can have a similar rusticStyle: Put on them in a funny boots and guests-men change their clothes in the way of farmers. Of course, this is only a pastiche. Do not give guests a shovel, they simply create a vivid image with the help of special costumes. The image of the groom can also be a simple and stylish: light linen trousers and shirt are perfect for celebrations.

In still a large number portal contains articles on how to create vivid images of the newlyweds.

Shirt in a cage on the bride

Bride in country style

Newlyweds in country style

The bride's bouquet

Guests at the wedding

Ideas for rustic photoshoot

Capture a photo in style of the country will become a realadventure, because there are many bold ideas for its implementation. If your wedding takes place in the village, there certainly exists a couple of cows or horses. If you are not afraid of animals, you can easily be photographed next to them. Also, the bride can pereobut wedding shoes to boots to create a fun and playful way.

Wedding in country style

Newlyweds in country style

Wedding in the "country" style will give you a lot of emotions, make you and your guests smile and find a lot of positive! Have fun and smile, feel the comfort that gives a country-style!

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