Sea wedding - the classic in a new way!

Wedding Invitations blue and green, as well as glued seastar is no surprise. But if the invitation to issue a message in a bottle - that's the idea! A good option would be a miniature anchor, adorned with green algae from the atlas. I want to be unique - "invite" guests crab, who holds the claws "accompanying note."

We invite you to the wedding of the sea

World of shells

Who said that the shells are only suitable fordecoration vases? ! Most shell has every right to be independent and excellent capacity for the bouquet. Do not forget, reminds site that should be a lot of good. Therefore, if possible, make all the vases of the banquet hall in the form of shells.

Intertwined coral branches all shades, from the shells garland, candle, stylized in the spirit of "200 years on the ocean floor," crab steering wheels - all these details perfectly decorate your wedding cruise.

Decorate wedding shells

Do not forget about the details

Cushion for the rings. Who said that it must necessarily be soft? On your wedding holder wedding rings act big and important starfish. If you want outrageous - choose fish-ball!

Stand for wedding rings

Seated places!

Nursery cards become transparent bottle with golden sea sand and a note with the initials of the guests. And banquettes can be miniature boats and souvenirs in one person.

Banquet options for sea weddings

Bouquets of flowers without

It would be great if not only boutonnieresgroom and witnesses, and guests will be made of seashells, starfish and coral. And, of course, the bride's bouquet. Ball Queen simply must keep in tender handles a lush bouquet of seashells. Of course, it is necessary to have available a spare, lighter and less fragile. Have pity on yourself and girlfriends, who will compete for the right to "the next to get married."

Shelly bridal bouquet

throw net

The original element of the decor of the wedding of the seawill ship grid. You can get real, and can be done independently of the hemp rope. Decorate it with not only a variety of starfish, shells, corals, but also, most importantly, the newlyweds photo. It is advisable to choose the pictures, from infancy to the present. Be sure to attach the grid colorful clothespins with white stickers that guests will want to leave their wedding wishes.

Decoration Marine Wedding

We serve an table

By the way, the grid can be decorated and a weddingtable your 'wardroom. " Naturally, the "dining room" network should be more graceful. And it is better to decorate small snowy shells and beads, "Pearl."

A perfect complement to this unusual tableclothsPlates will be - or rather, large shell shells. I bet this was not serving anybody? Wedding portal Council to support the topic even accompaniment and napkins. How colors and details: from the shell rings sash of thick hemp rope, embroidery in the form of fish, pretty stars and sea horses.

The decor in nautical style wedding

Marine brothers

The banquet feast, but do not forget that the couple should also be subject. The entire spectrum of blue, blue, blue-green - to help you.

Wedding dress You can be completely performed in one of the proposed shades. And you can emphasize the traditional snow-white color of marine accessories.

Marine newlyweds image

The bride can complement the elegant dresscape-Matroskoy emphasize thin waist blue belt, or choose jewelry from fragile, graceful shells. And let the groom will choose a white and blue tie, proudly wearing a captain's cap or cuff links in the form of miniature anchors. Boutonniere made of shells, made his own bride, complement the image.

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