Fragrant wedding

Wedding - this is the day when every element: outfits, rings, motorcade, restaurant, shooting has its own special-importance. A considerable role in this whole wedding entourage, play colors. Perhaps not a wedding does not pass without them. They are present everywhere, from the bridal bouquet, decorations, buttonholes, before crowning the wedding arch and decorated with fresh flowers wedding convoy.

In his artistic practice masters use five basic styles: decorative, parallel, form-linear, vegetative and "shape."

The most commonly used is - a decorative style. Often, it is in such a style, create a round and flowing Bouquets for the bride. It is attached to a plastic support"Port-buketnitsu" which by its shape and resembles a microphone. In order to ensure the longevity of flowers in "port-buketnitse" place with water-soaked sponge - "oasis".

Depending on the customer's wishes can bearrange the bouquet without using "port-buketnitsy". In this case, the flowers with assorted greenery collected in a tight bunch, tied by large, broad-leaved stems.

Decorative style floral design allowsto create three-dimensional composition of different forms and variations (ring, horseshoe, heart, etc.) that you can decorate the tables, the arch, the room, which will significantly revitalize the environment and prevnesti bright, fragrant colors in the interior.

Parallel style, and the second most popularfrequency of use when you make a flower weddings. All its essence lies in the placement of the color compositions. They are laid out in rows (or groups) horizontally and diagonally.

The compositions are used and one kind of flowerscolors, lined in rows, respectively. To diversify the ranks and color composition, it is possible using their positions at different levels (number of lilies, callas number below). As well as in decorative style, parallel style allows you to create a composition of different forms.

Formo-linear style of flowersIt involves the use of plants minimum. The main role is played here by a line that creates a visual form of bouquets and arrangements. The core, the basis of the composition may serve as a branch, one big beautiful flower and a few smaller ones, a sheet will be its complement. Depending on the placement of the main flower will vary herself bouquet composition, either vertical or sloping. such compositional flower decoration suit lovers of extravagance and fashion style "high-tech".

Vegetative style very interesting techniqueYour flowers. In the florist he uses not only flowers, but also decorative objects (rocks, boulders, pine cones, twigs, moss, berries, fruits and vegetables). All the complexity of the skills that fruits and vegetables contribute to rapid fading of colors, so do not abuse them when creating a composition. Using this style can be very colorful and original way to convey the "picture" season, which celebrate the wedding.

Style form, along with a decorative andparallel style is quite common at weddings in the form of suspended balls, pyramids, columns. With it, try to close the empty space. The style is quite practical, because as it is there, you can use the broken flowers. When placing flowers in the style of "form" plants florist uses a long, often cutting off the stems.

Making a wedding convoy in vibrant colorsRecently, a very fashionable and popular trend. Only three of the above styles can be applied during the design of the car colors - decorative, vegetative, form-linear.

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