Glamorous Wedding: times are changing

Of course, the wedding - a very special,exciting and anxious event for both the newlyweds. But the center of attention on your wedding day is the bride yet. White cloud dresses, veils and transparent trail of romantic curls of hair - this is the traditional way of the culprits celebrations ... but not for lovers of extraordinary deeds! Today glamorous wedding replaces classic.

The design of the banquet hall, white doves, andunique theme, which carried out the holiday - all this, undoubtedly, it is important to consider, but ultimately, all these details are just a celebration background. After all, in fact, the very wedding organization It should bring joy in the first placenewlyweds. Therefore, for those who are not afraid to take risks and to be the center of attention, to create an atmosphere of a glamorous wedding - it's a great opportunity to express themselves and have fun.

Start, of course, is to create an image of the bride. Unusual styling, "inlaid" shells, wedding manicurePainted intricate monograms, body painting with crystals on exposed skin, unusual accessories - Unleash your imagination. But the main point is still the wedding dress.

Glamorous Wedding on that and glamorous, in order toall present brilliance, beauty and the unusual, and the bride's dress will not be able to stay away. Classic White has lost ground shade of champagne and ivory. Now nastaёt turn to burgundy, purple and even emerald colors. Dress model is also undergoing changes. After all, you need to buy or borrow the wedding dress rental in the cabin. Today, vast horizons open before the bride: what will be the dress - you can think of yourself and realize any ideas, resorting to the services of a seamstress. For the bride, ready to fight her betrothed and guests who are lucky enough to visit on a glamorous wedding, there are no standards.

Owners necessarily their slender legshide - a short dress will look great with a long veil. Instead of the classic shoe the bride can pick up boots or boots. And the dress itself can be replaced with costumes made from any fabric, up to the jeans.

To organize a glamorous wedding is important to choosesubject, under the auspices of which the celebration will be held. Therefore, the image of the bride, you can choose according to the theme of the evening, whether it is the queen of ancient Egypt or the Greek goddess.

If the bride and groom hold somecertain lifestyles, why not also use this idea to create a unique atmosphere of a glamorous wedding? If you are fans of motorcycles - arrange the parade of bikers when committed some particular musical direction - create images that meet your subkulutre.

On the day of your wedding rules dictate you,giving preference to the style and organization of the wedding, which will be most pleasing to you, whether conservative or glamorous wedding. The same applies to the image of the bride. Be so what pleases you and your loved one.

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