Fashionable mint wedding - the choice in 2015!

King 2015 wedding season designersunanimously called mint color. Despite the fact that the gentle pastel colors, such as more suitable for spring, mint color will have a table at any time of the year. The main thing - the right combination.

Color tandem

Despite all its beauty and tenderness portal advises not to color the sole master of the mint wedding. More beautiful and stylish looks of his proximity to certain shades of the color palette. Game of contrasts, or, conversely, consistency in the same style - a matter of taste. Summer wedding can be decorated with a delicious combination of mint and lemon shades. Brightness fall wedding accentuate neighborhood gentle menthol and magical blue. A cold winter days "Warm" themselves pale turquoise, showy red or deep burgundy shades.

Wedding in mint color

Mint color is very fond of all the shades of gold, peach and beige. Fresh and fun to paint the wedding ceremony Tandem menthol-lavender.

Crushed dress ... I mean, mint!

Mint wedding involves consonant colorcostumes, both young and guests. You can make a soft blue or green color base. But where it will look spectacular inclusions mint shades. Say, "menthol" shoes and belt wedding dress to match. Or maybe chic earrings Chrysoberyl sea foam color? Or, still, accompanied by a light turquoise paint and ribbons in her hair?

Earrings in mint color

By the way, peppermint shades can be advantageous to beat the bridesmaids dresses. The pictures of this "spectrum" would look very advantageous.

mint wedding

You can stop the male half of your weddingchoice as elegant bright costumes and accessories at the trend shades. Ties, butterfly, scarves, boutonnieres, cufflinks - incredibly wide choice.

The stylish decor of the wedding banquet

Logically, mint wedding - itan abundance of blue and green shades. In the beginning of the invitation, ending the wedding menu. Of course, to maintain the freshness of mint and, in particular, color wedding invitations it will be hard. Therefore, you should pay for textiles, leather, belts of the corresponding tone.

Wedding Invitations color mint

It will look spectacular pale turquoiseutensils and gold or "podzolochennye" cutlery. Mint bows on chairs, fragrant twigs and leaves are light green balm in bouquets, boutonnieres and miniature vases on the tables.

Wedding banquet in shades of mint

Listen to www.articlewedding and duplicate mint range in composition from candles, in garlands of balloons. It will look impressive. Even the traditional champagne hill can decorate menthol syrup. And do not forget to fill bonbonnieres guests delicious mints in bright candy wrappers!

With mint flavor

The chosen theme is simply obliged to find a response inwedding menu. Unfortunately, organically incorporate mint in theme main courses difficult. Although, if only because in the cooking process puzzled necessary colors.

But the desserts - grateful "soil" for the spanmint fantasy. Placers pasta menthol shade, drip-glazed cakes, desserts, elegant design mint sprigs. The complex composition of the fruit, flower petals and leaves of lemon balm. Heath mint wedding drinks, of course, will be the mojito. What is not cool freshness of lime and mint cool the overheated visitors and support the main theme of the wedding party?

Cap cakes in mint color

Chief banquet guest, and we're talking about the cake for a weddingIt will also not be amiss to stylize a total theme. Coloured Glaze, contrasting patterns, carved marzipan mint leaves, and can sculpt the cake itself as a mint sprig? But even the best option would be a wedding cake with mint flavor. The explosive mix of sweetness and freshness of your guests will remember for a long time!

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