A wedding in the style of "Love is" - a children's dream on your holiday!

In order to organize an amazingwedding, bring enough his dream of childhood. Certainly, each of us remembers the children's chewing gum called "Love is", who had a bright juicy taste and adds to our mood. Each girl collecting colorful wrappers, which tells the story of what love is.

Accessories Love is in the style of

Wedding dress in the style of "Love is"

The image of the bride It must also comply with your chosen style. As for the dress, it can be easy puppet image. The dress may not be very long, even a short, luxuriant, in the style of the 90s.

To add flavor, you can tieWaist red satin belt, as well as select bright red shoes, because it is red - the color of love and passion. Your image should look like a child, but at the same time should be very tender and romantic. Welcome ruffles and assembly, flowing fabric and lace. Regarding the choice of footwear, it can be as shoes and sandals, if the wedding takes place in the summer. Combine choose wedding shoes with the color of the dress. It looks beautiful and original shoes with bows or flowers. They must fit into your style of mysterious «Love is».

You can also choose a pink and red shades to create a wedding image. Firstly, they are very relevant, and secondly, they add spice to the image of a wedding in the style of "Love is".

Bride in Love is the style

Bride in Love is the style

The bride and her bridesmaids in Love is the style

The image of the groom does not require special transformations. This may be a classic black suit, but you can choose a light option. To the image of the groom was in harmony with the image of the bride, using accessories. For example, tie your gentleman or a butterfly tie in the color of your dress and a bow at the waist. A lot of ideas to create a memorable wedding bright image can be found on the website www.articlewedding.com.

Married Love is in the style of

Wedding accessories in the style of "Love is"

"Love - this is the first to try it for the first timecooked meals, "" Love - is free from household chores birthday. "- much of wisdom and meaning in these words Wedding, performed in the style of" Love is ", not only to remind you of childhood and childhood dreams, but also make your wedding bright and unpredictable event for everyone.

In "Love is" style, you can perform a variety of Wedding accessories for your celebration. Look beautiful wedding invitations for guests with images on them heroes wrappers - the bride and groom. In this style, you can ring pillows or decorate all kinds of wedding accessories such as cards for seating guests.

Invitation to Love is the style

Wedding accessories in the style of love is

Glasses in Love is the style

Accessories Love is in the style of

Making a banquet hall in the style of "Love is"

Use the idea with wrappers everywhere. You can print your favorite images and decorate the walls of the banquet hall. You can also buy special helium balloons with your favorite images. If you want your wedding to be full of surprises and childhood memories for everyone, can do the wedding cake in the style of "Love is".

The decor in the style of Love is

Wedding Love is in the style of

As a rule, the cake will look like a hugegum square shape. You are free to choose the color of your cake, remembering the taste of your favorite chewing gum: green apple flavor was red - cherry. Treat offers fun cake that is sure to become a focus of the wedding ceremony. Still a lot of ideas for weddings in unusual and original styles can be found on our website www.articlewedding.com.

Candy bar in the style of Love is

Sweet Love is in the style of

Sweet Love is in the style of

Everyone wants his wedding to be uniqueand unusual. Style "Love is" - this is a great opportunity to bring to the wedding traditions something new and different. Make your wedding a bright and fabulous, fun and memorable!

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