Cowboy Wedding - the story of one of westerns

Stylized invitation - an important firststep. Let the guests a little to prepare for the "time travel". Postcard with figures of a cowboy and his gentle lady, cardboard box, a hat with a message inside, drawings and suspension as Colts, lasso and even a horse's harness. Well, if equip the "postman" of the groom, dressed in the best traditions of the Wild West and, necessarily, on the horse! Also invitations can be designed in the spirit of the famous sheets "for the offender's head promised a reward." Wedding portal advises only to modify the inscription - "for their presence at the ceremony promised a reward" - sparkling riot of fun and emotions. And do not forget to mention about the dress code!

Cowboy wedding invitation

Incidentally, the dress code

For honeymooners - a wide range of images. Cowboy and his saucy girlfriend, cowboy and a lovely princess of an Indian tribe, a sheriff and a noble lady. By the way, if you think that at least in the official part of the need to look decorous - choose the wedding dress of the 19th century. Strict coats and starched shirts, dresses to the floor with lush crinolines, embroidered with lace veil. But the banquet and can change. Plaid shirt, denim in all its forms, calico dresses, corsets, boots Cossacks, traditional Indian outfits mixed with moccasins, rims, feathers and combat "paint."

Images of Honeymoon

Your guests will also find where to roam. Representatives of the law in the face of the sheriff, mincing chorus dancer in the lush dresses, elegant senior representatives of American society, a variety of Native American tribes, and, of course, seasoned cowboys and their companions.

For those who are not planning to completely transform can offer accessories: scarves red constant-Stetson hat, colts, lasso, icons, stars, leather moccasins.

Wedding dress code

Banquet issue

The main idea for the decoration of the banquet, of course,famous cowboy saloon. Creaking door at the entrance, wooden signs, horseshoes, cartwheel, wild animal skins on the walls, "decayed by time" card gold mines, wooden furniture. Traditional flowers to replace the cacti of all sizes and styles.

We make wedding

Win-win option - to make a wedding banquetvisiting and place it on the plot previously "made-up" under a typical ranch. Paddock for dressage stallions restive, fragrant straw bales instead of furniture, scattered carelessly seat harness. Bar can and should be styled by the famous wagon awning top. Pep peaked lodges figurines, miniature totem and tomahawks.

Despite the fact that the wild prairie aboundcactus, colorful flowers in them can also be found. Website advises to focus on the bundles in the wooden tubs and "chipped" clay pot.

Details cowboy wedding

incidental music

Best "neighbor" cowboy wedding - country style. This is especially true music. Traditional five-string banjo, beredyaschie soul folk guitar sounds, accompanied by violin. This choice is ideal for thematic vesternovskoy wedding.

Menu "Wild West"

In order to zealous Cowboys have not reached the shootout fora place at the bar, pre-arrange the banquet cards. Wooden plaque, yellowed sheets of paper on the small cactus thorns, wheel carts, "skins" coyotes.

An excellent idea is to combine the banquet cards and candy boxes. Arrange them in a cowboy hat or famous and Indian moccasins, and even at all "rough" Torb burlap tied with twine.

Checkered tablecloths and wooden or "old"metal utensils perfectly complement the signs with the names of the dishes. Soak them in the overall theme of "old Indian," "meat moccasins," "Lone Star," "fiery salute", "cowboy the trough." There where carousing fancy. And do not forget the main issue dessert person. Wedding cake in the form of cowboy boots themed marzipan figurines, colors under the calf's skin, cream lasso and guns.

A wedding cake

Society your saloon will be delighted with this sweet masterpiece. Rest assured!

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