The basic rules of wedding fruit

The statement is in the registry office, and you are never surethe correctness of its decision - to become his wife and her husband. But right now the fun begins, and problematic, namely, preparations for the wedding celebration. Indeed, so eager to make this day memorable not only the couple, but also for all the guests present. Our wedding portal decided to help you in organizing the wedding of fruit.

Fruit wedding

Wedding themes - the fruit

So, you need to decide on the theme of the celebration. It depends on hall decorationSelection of wedding dresses and accessories and the groomBride. If you want to get the brightness, freshness and originality in this important day, why do not you pay attention to the fruit wedding? Believe me, such a case will be remembered for the triumph of each visitor for a long time. But in order to triumph took place with a bang, you must still follow some simple but important rules of "fruit" wedding.

Making fruit wedding

Basic rules triumph fruit

The first rule, with which I would like to article on our site, will maintain the whole fruit of the wedding style. Perhaps the most important moment of the combination at the wedding - a combination of the bride and groom outfits. However, this does not mean that everything else should pull the plug. Remember that every detail is of paramount importance, and can perfectly complement any style or destroy it. Therefore, make sure that the design of the hall and a banquet table supporting the overall theme and match the given wedding color palette. Also it is necessary to pay attention to car decoration and wedding cake.

The second rule fruity note wedding placeBanquet. Of course, the standard can celebrate your wedding day in a cafe or restaurant. But these options are more suitable for cold seasons. If your wedding will be held in the summer, just a sin to close themselves and guests within the walls of the banquet hall! Creative imagination! Let your celebration will be held on the boat or the beach, you can also think of a recreation center. outdoor wedding is a great option for fruit celebration. In addition, you can order and registrar at checkout.

Fruit wedding in nature

The third rule. Here I would like to note the obligatory presence of the original wedding invitations. Remember that you have a wedding is not easy, andfruit. From this and is repelled. For example, if you chose the strawberry wedding, the invitation may be in the form of strawberries, and apple for - in the form of a bullseye. It you can make yourself or have recourse to experts. In any case, without your imagination here you can not manage!

Wedding procession, and that we will be the fourthrule. Based on the fact that the wedding you juicy and bright, on the same principle is to choose and cars for a wedding convoy. Berry theme? Let your cars will be juicy red or pink. Orange or lemon? The colors of the respective cars. Your wedding procession will not remain unnoticed and will cheer up not only to you, your guests, but also to all others.

Next, the fifth rule, put decorationwedding banquet. Here, perhaps, we should not go to extremes and to lay colored tablecloths. On the contrary, it is best to give preference to white classics. But! Brightness and style will add fruits and flowers, which will be decorated banquet tables. Here you can also let the bright napkin (which necessarily correspond to the overall color scheme of the holiday!), Vases and other small items.

Table decoration for wedding fruit

Further, the sixth rule, talk about the guestcards. It is clear that the overall brightness and saturation guest cards simply do not have the right to be the standard. Surprise your guests by offering them as a guest card or a jar of fruit jam, if your wedding is in the "berry" category! The ability to eat delicious guest card will be a pleasant bonus for any guest.

Fruit guest seating cards

In this, perhaps, stop. But the most important rule of all is the manifestation of your imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment! After all, this day - the most important in your life, and therefore should be the best!

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