Chicago-style wedding Scenario

Themed weddings are gaining popularity notleaps and bounds. What style choose for celebration? If your pair has a hooligan like it, you just have to taste the wedding in the style of Chicago 30s. portal presents you a happy scenario gangster wedding!

Wedding in style Chicago

Meeting of young

The newlyweds come to the wedding restaurant wheremeet their guests showered them no petals, and money (of course, not true). The bride and groom are suitable for the parents. Mom holding a loaf in the shape of a heart with images of guns, and the Pope - a tray of mugs in which is poured champagne.

Moderator says:

Viva young! Hon Don _____ and _____ dear Donna! Take these guns (ie, a loaf) and powder (ie, salt) as a gift in honor of your family connection clans. And may your life be a frisky as a colt, the two, and as bright as the flames from this vigorous gunpowder! Break off a piece and annoy one last time in his life!

Newlyweds break off a piece from the loaf, feed each other. A Leader continues:

I ask all to get weapons and to arrange in honor of young gangster salute!

Guests take out toy guns (crackers) and shoot up into the sky.

Moderator says:

And now, dear head of family _____I ask you to open a bottle of champagne gangster, pour this divine drink young. Many wonder why the young drink from mugs. It's very simple: all the great gangsters during Prohibition drank from teapots and cups, so as not to arouse the suspicion of the police. And we do the same!

Champagne is poured into mugs, drink drink young. Lead continues:

Now break these circles of happiness! A witness rather cover their tracks - hide the evidence that the police have not found our gangster party.

Witnesses broom pick up the pieces from the cups in cotton bag with the word "evidence".

Lead continues:

And now, the Honourable Don _____ and _____ dear Donna, show us the proof of legal reunification clans.

Young master and show offers a marriage certificate. Moderator says:

So, dear guests, I invite you all to go to the gym, where our "gangsta party" or gangster party will be held.

This festive evening will be in the first place -money and whiskey, jazz, cards, cigarette smoke and tireless passion! You will find yourself in the heart of mafia clans. Today planned a huge buzz around our young family that you now have to congratulate! Cook denyuzhku gentlemen mobsters!

But to have arisen clashes and shootingsdue to clarify the sequence, the order of presentation of gifts will determine our little family gangster using playing cards. _____ And _____ take out one card from his deck, thereby defining a group of congratulations.

Newlyweds take out the map, determining who will congratulate them. Held the giving of gifts. Then the leader says:

And now I ask you to take their seats at the elegant tables. Party gangsters begins, here and now!

The first feast

Guests take their seats at the tables. A Leader continues:

Please bolder fill their glasses, and a storm of applause to welcome the first toast!

Hon Don _____!
Dear Donna _____!

By connecting the heart with each other
And marriage is a legitimate concluding
Live you family circle,
In his home troubles from happening.

Let the sun shine more frequently in life,
Let you bypass the bad weather
And do not fade your rings,
Love does not change to sadness.

Let inspires and leads
Love call from year to year.
Happy s wish as
How long it will last for "Kiss!"
Guests drink.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, eating and drinking, because you need a lot of strength, because the evening is just beginning.

Guests are given 5-8 minutes to quench the hunger first. Then the leader says:

Ladies and gentlemen! I would like to introduce you to the structure of our wedding night under the code name "Gangster party». Today, you have to:

  • to make a toast in honor of the young;
  • participate in special contests stylized-type test "Schuler", "The criminal couple", "Gangster dance", etc .;
  • dance and mingle with each other;
  • to bet on the first child;
  • to figure out who the next to marry and marry.

For participation in the competition, each of you will receive a special currency notes (chips), which you can exchange for honeymooners for special prizes.

But as gangsters gathered here verymany, I can not do without assistants, who will be witnesses. To make them ideally suited to the concept of our holiday, I hand them gang attributes: a hat and tie with revolvers.

Leading the witness puts on a hat with a veil, and a witness - a tie with images of dollars, and continues:

Because today we organize gangsterparty, I suggest to make a spicy touch to today's celebration. According to the traditions of gangsters during the kiss they have to hide behind a hat .... Let's try? Bitterly!

Presenter gives young hat. Guests shout: "Kiss!", And the young kiss, hiding behind his hat. Moderator says:

Dear Sirs, I am sure that the timesgangsters, many of you associate with the word "mafia", which translated from Italian means "family". So let's fill our glasses and drink to the parents of our young.

Sounds Background song about parents. Guests drink and a snack. A master gives the word to parents of the groom:

I call on parents Don _____.

Toast recite the groom's parents. After that host says:

And of course, it will be top of disrespect, you can even let my brains out if I did not call on _____ and _____ - ____ parents Donna!

After a toast to the bride's parents to announce the leading young dance:

Let us look at the first dance of the young - a dance of passion and love!

Young dancing, break dance is announced for 30-40 minutes.

The second meal

Guests are invited to the tables, master says:

Dear gangsters and their ladies! By organizing our gangster today evening, we find ourselves as if on a powder keg. It may at any moment descend the police, because drinking alcohol is prohibited by law. But we are in fact all the same - let us raise our glasses and, of course, drink for the young.

Guests drink, and continues to lead:

Lord! And now announces an auction! I have two things that once belonged to the bride and groom. Redeem them can not for money but for the kind words he addressed to our new little family gangster. So, I think the auction open! Who will call the most good words in the address of the newlyweds will win!

Lot number 1. Notebook do _____, that includes telephone numbers, once he knew a female. For how many good things you are willing to buy this treasure?

Lot number 2. The next lot is rolling pin - the usual kitchen items, which, however, can be used as a means of protection and education of her husband. How many good things to be sold this item?

Held "sale" items. Owners of things are those guests who said more and more good words to the newlyweds.

After the auction master says:

Lord gangsters, we live in a time of hectic,should think about privacy. I will give you a sheet of paper, and you secretly from each other, write next to your name in your nickname gangster circles and pass sheet neighbor. Try not to be repeated!

On the table a sheet of paper is passed (table names and names of guests), in which the guests are entered your nickname in front of his name. Receiving sheet, a leading said:

Lord, we are with you serious gangsters! We have to check all the code names. For example: _____. What do you think, who is that? Responsible bride clan!

Leading read someone else's nickname of the familygroom, and must guess someone from the bride's family. Whoever guessed, the prize is issued. If guests can not guess, you can give hints. For example, say that _____ black hair and bright clothes.

Next declared a dance break for 30-40 minutes, followed by a toast from the relatives of the bride and groom. Lead also tells your toast?

We live with you on the run,
Hurry up time often
But to say I can not,
What is it all in vain.

Let's not rush life,
Appreciate the beautiful moments,
At the same time to live, to love, to create
It will be easier, no doubt.

I propose a toast to the best moments in the life of our charming couple!

Guests drink. A master says:

And now let's see how modern gangsters are strong, agile and smart. Draw a couple of competitions!

"Stylish gangster tie"

Participants: guests (two boys and six girls).
Props: tie.

Moderator says:

As you know, a real gangster is to be elegantly worn. Nothing, perhaps, adorns a man, as a fashionable tie!

In the hall invited two boys and six girls,which are divided into two teams: 3 girls 1 guy. The essence of the competition is that the first girl takes tie runs up to the guy and tying his tie, kissing, loosens his tie and ran back, transmits the second Member State, she will do the same, and the third - the same way, after shouting:

My dear, you look like a million!

Whose team will have the first job, and she won.

"Money down the drain"

Participants: guests.
Props: banknotes.

Guests are in a line, each participant is given on the banknote. Their mission: to blow as hard as possible on the bill, so that it flew on the other.




Participants: guests.
Props: card.

Participants are dealt 15 cards, which they musthow to safely hide in the clothes can be, that competitors have found. The master announces the contest are: to find yourself on a certain card: Hearts queen, king of spades, etc. Wins the one who will track down faster than all the desired option.

Further, given the word to friends and colleagues. Declares a musical pause. If the budget allows, you can invite the artists who will perform a parody of Don Corleone and other well-known characters of Chicago 30s.

After that, guests can show Love story, filmed in the style of gangster, and spend a couple of contests.

"The Counterfeiters"

Participants: guests.
Props: markers, sheets of paper the size of the monetary denomination.

Participants are divided into two teams and give rankeach other. Each command issued by felt-tip pen and sheet. The essence of the contest: the participants must pass a piece of paper from one participant to another, one of the elements dorisovyvaya banknote: serial number, denomination, etc. The winner is the team whose bill will be a little resemble the original.

"The criminal couple"

Participants: guests.
Props: handcuffs, a bottle of whiskey or tea, wrapping paper, ribbon.

Moderator says:

We have a party in the style of Chicago! And such a party can not do without the handcuffs? To participate in this competition is open to couples, go, do not hesitate.

The essence of the competition is that participantscouples are tied to each other with handcuffs (left hand of one party to the other right hand). They issued a bottle of whiskey (tea), wrapping paper and ribbon. The participants' task: to wrap the bottle in a paper and tie a ribbon bow, and then give a gift heroes of the occasion. Who will do it faster - is the winner.

"Counting the loot"

Participants: guests.
Props: a 3-liter jar with the money.

Pre 3 liter jar filled with money. The total amount of money is recorded, so as not to forget. To participate call 4-5 members.

Leading participants shows a 3-liter jar and says:

A gang of gangsters rob a bank, you now need to count the loot. However, it takes money out of banks can not! Who can determine at a glance, how many rubles will get the gangsters?

The Bank provides for 1 minute each participant to count. The winner is the one who will call the closest number.


Gangster dance "

Participants: guests.
Props: Accessories for gangsters: a hat, dark glasses, guns, cigars, etc.

Leading invites to participate in the competition, who want to divide into pairs "M + F". And he says:

Today we were supposed to come, John Travoltaand Uma Thurman to perform his famous gangster dance. But they were arrested. Let us choose their deputies! Who of you will dance the best gangster dance?

Param distribute accessories for gangsters. They put them on and dance to music from the movie "Pulp Fiction." Leading with the witness shows them a master class.

The third feast

After the competitions, guests sit at the table, toasts. And then leading declares:

Now let's define one of the girls in the near future is waiting for the same happiness as our bride. We ask all unmarried beautiful women go to the center of the room.

It is possible to carry out such an unusual version of the oldRite. Suppose that in the hands of the bride to be ladies' gun and a few ribbons. One of the ribbons will be attached to the gun. Pistol and ribbons Bride holds in his hands, raised above his head. Unmarried girls and choose a suitable one tape, form a circle around the bride. After the team leading the girl pulled the tape. The one that will have a ribbon tied to the gun, will marry next. They said the next toast.

Next leading says:

Now we know which of our gangsters marry soon. We invite you to go to the center of the hall all the single men. Don ____ remove the garter.

Removing the garter can be beat: let the bridegroom, trying to remove the garter, accidentally finds a gun that falls on the floor.

The groom throws the garter. It determines the winner, which is a toast.

Collecting money for the firstborn

Moderator says:

Now let's bet who the clanYoung will be the first boy or girl. Bet on the boy can be put in a witness at the girl - from the witness. So, let's begin! Who will put right very big bet, will receive a gift from the newlyweds.

Witnesses go on with the list of guests, recording amounts. In the end - counting money, sex determination, and the first-born winner bets.

Or raising money for the first-born can be carried outin the following way. Arrange in a banquet hall separate betting area where bets are taken on a boy and a girl. And guests will issue tokens that can be exchanged for a gift from the newlyweds or a photo with them!

Stealing the bride

During the celebration, you can spend a bride stealing such an interesting way.

Let the room will be a police officer, who says:

Attention, please, gentlemen!
I'm the chief policeman around Chicago
On guard of peace and order, as always,
I know everything, and aware of every step here.

Today an urgent signal was received,
Compiled identikit and declared wanted.
Among the guests I learned with accuracy
Criminal, threat to society.

The smile in half face, eyes shining fire,
The movement of vigor, but at heart - mind.
But most importantly, it today congratulated,
The sign is clear, because there is no other.

All mobsters call her "bride"
She is known in gangster circles.
And in jail it will be a place,
Almost criminal in my hands.

Well, all the signs coincided exactly
And there are grounds for arrest -
Handcuffs, I'll put it urgently,
In jail she will have to sit for a long time.

It sounds like a bride putting on her handcuffs and going to withdraw from the audience. On the witness or host says:

Maybe we can somehow agree?

The policeman replied:

Yes, for whom you hold me?
I am the incorruptible here throughout the area.
I will not for the honor of dropping coins ...
While ... about a voluntary contribution is not a word in the law.

Then the master (witness) says:

Dear Mafiosi! This brazen police arrested our beauty-bride wants her taken away to prison. To release it, we will have to arrange the bribe. To this end, the groom is willing to sell anything. Buy, do not hesitate.

Friends of the groom guests sell magnets, calendars with photos newlyweds, etc. You can pay either in cash or chips obtained for participation in competitions.

When the police give a bribe, he says:

Ready to close all eyes
And it is your stop!

Bride kidnapping is possible to organize and howthe attack of one of the hostile clans. To do this, 2-3 daredevil, dressed in costumes and masks, run into the room and take hostage the bride. A groom with the witness should prepare a ransom.

Next to the hall import wedding cake. Married cut it and say thank-you speech.

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