Wedding Game "Fairy tale about a Bun"

All mothers in child tell their childrena tale about a Bun. The good old fairy tale of all ages will take a lot of pleasure and fun. The heroes of this fairy tale fun in the glory, and the rest of the guests laugh.

Participants: guests.

Props: none.

Rules of the game: select 5 people, and assign them roles. Find out who will be his grandfather, Baba, bear, fox, hare and koloboks. The fifth is to tell the story - it is the author.

We start the game. The author tells the famous story, and the characters have assigned at the mention of a person beat story. It will be interesting when the author, which can be the leading, constantly mentions the fairy-tale characters.

For example, you can start the story this way: the wide road bun rolled on and met a wolf runs. At this time, the grandfather and a woman sitting in an embrace on the doorstep waiting for Bun ...

A morality tale is this: it is best to have their children than constantly waiting for the return of a Bun!

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