Wedding Game "Lavish Wedding"

The official part was held, the groom became husband andbride - the lawful wife. Guests have drank and ate. Dancing is all too tired, what do you do? It is necessary to entertain guests. To do this, you can play a bit.

In order to not only the couple receivedwedding gifts, there is a game whose aim is, as the entertainment of guests and handing them gifts. It is called this game "Lavish Wedding".

Participants: guests.

Props: bags with gifts.

Rules of the game: in advance prepare paper bags. Each packet write all the letters in the word "wedding". Thus, you will have 7 packets. In each of them put a gift. Hang them so that left the word "wedding". The name must match the gift with a letter, written on the package. For example, in a package with the letter "C" you can put a sword or rope. The package with the letter "B" you can put a fork or bucket, of course, a toy. For the package with the letter "A" or cook apricot toy car. The package with the letter "D" put the whistle, and the letter "B" - brooch. Unfortunately, the soft sign words do not begin, but in a package you need to put something. With this provision, too, there is a way. Put to a soft toy or a souvenir.

Before the game, the facilitator can say the following words: "The bride and groom on their gifts you have already received, and now they want you to give cooking souvenirs".

The task of guests: guess what is in the paper bags. Whoever calls first thing in the bag, and he gets a gift. Here, guests can ask leading leading questions to which he can only answer "yes" or "no." To the guests are not tired of playing, you can come up with tips that can be: an ornament for girls in the packet whether beads earrings, but it had a man in ancient times (saber), etc.

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