Wedding contests for the groom

Rite of bride price is a standard wedding scenario. It is due to competition for the wedding the groom can defuse the situation before zag, to make the wedding more fun and memorable.

Preparation of the bride price with competitions for the groom

Initially, participants need to redemptiondistributed in two "camps". Buyers - For sellers, while the second will be in the ground. Sellers become friends of the bride, which is to lead the witness. A second team led by the witness, and its members have become friends of the bride. Sellers should think of that has to do the groom, to get his bride. But buyers should think about what to do in order to spend a minimum amount of cash upon redemption of the bride.

Most often, for the redemption of the bride groom's friendsyou must have money, champagne, chocolates, which will be needed to pay for their misses. Of course, it is not necessary to come up with a large number of contests for the groom wedding, because in front of him still waiting for the signature in the registry office, which is not to be late. Given all this, our wedding portal ready to offer you a contest, which will be not only interesting, but also help to verify the seriousness of the intentions of the groom.

"How well do you know your bride"

Members: the groom and his entourage.

Props: paper, pen.

Bride Team should prepare paperdaisy on which the petals write numbers, dates associated with the bride and groom. For example, you can write a number of her apartment, her height, weight, date, dating, etc. Options can be varied. The groom must tear on a petal and give answers to the questions. In that case, if he makes a mistake, his friends will have to pay a fine. This competition can be slightly modified and expanded the numbers on the steps. The groom should up the stairs to guess the meaning of the written date on them.

"Read his narrowing"

Members: the groom and his friends.

Props: a piece of paper, lipstick or gloss, watercolor, shoes.

The bridesmaids have to offer the groom guesssponge or the palm of his betrothed. To this end, the bride and her bridesmaids have left imprints of their lips or handprints on paper and show this list to the groom at redemption. As a variant of this competition: to groom can supply various shoes, so he guessed shoes darling. The third option: the groom blindfolded and ask him to find his beloved hair. To do this, all the girls in turn give the groom to touch her hair. In case of a miss the witness will have to pay a fine.

"Prove that you're a great husband"

Members: the groom.

Props: a step.

This wedding will be a competition for the groomthe most interesting in the case, if the bride lives on the 1st floor. In this case, you can instruct the bridegroom, going to your favorite talk to attendees what chores he would perform after the wedding. Thus, the groom in front of all the guests will tell the bride and her parents, as it will be a good husband and assistant for life. If the groom miss a step, he must pay a fine.


Members: the groom.

Props: apple, matches, ribbons.

The bridesmaids should match stick into the apple. The groom has to take one match and call your favorite pet names. The contest ends when the bride pulls a short match.

This wedding contest has its own variations. For example, in the bride's door you can hang different colored ribbons. Bridegroom will shoot each tape, you will need to speak against your favorite sweet words. To see his bride, the groom should be called the sacred word, confess his love to her.

"Find the key"

Members: the groom.

Props: balloons, paper for notes, a needle or pin.

Bride tied before the door a fewballoons, in which pre-placed pieces of paper with inscriptions. The papers should fold so that the ball through the groom could not read what is written on them. On one piece of paper should write "your it" on the other - the ransom, which must pay the groom. Groom Pierce balloons and pay until he finds the ball with treasured note.

After the groom the bride price, the young may be sent to the registrar and to the banquet, where they can expect many more fun and exciting competitions.

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