How to talk about love?

Love - delicate matter. In this article I want to talk about the language of love, the language of our senses.

It is a paradox, but sometimes the two mostfamily man who truly love each other, they can not find a common point of view on any, even the most simple, question. Usually, it is a pity they do not admit it, this situation is fully evident after the wedding. Why can not we agree with the most beloved person in the world?

This happens because we are all different people in different ways are used to talk about their feelings and experiences. How to talk about love, to be understood and shared the warmth of your feelings?

Method 1: Talk to me about love ...

Some people are very important to constantly hear fromyou that they love and appreciate. If your partner is the type of people, the words are important to him as the air. Even if you do surround the utmost care and attention, but will not tell him warm and kind words about my feelings for him, it will take you cold and unkind.

Such people are auditory, that is,oriented sound, the type of perception of reality. The words addressed to them, should be as varied and subtly reflecting the nuances of your feelings. Many times a day they have a desire to hear of your love. Therefore, the benefit of such a civilization, as a mobile phone, a real salvation for them.

How to tell a love partner auditory type? Tell him about love is possible by means of beautiful and tender words coming from the depths of your soul. They are happy, literally, every word a loved one. If you want to talk about his love letter or card, then in any case do not give to their chosen card with a "warm words" Printed in thousands of copies. This may offend and hurt even the strongest feelings.

What might offend your favorite:

  • He will be offended if you choose not to talk to him (for example, as a punishment).
  • He will be offended if sweet words that you say it will be easy to tell you and to address the other person.

Method 2: Give your favorite gifts!

If you think that people love and appreciate giftsonly for their monetary value, then you are greatly mistaken. A gift received from a loved one, expensive in itself, is a manifestation of feelings and confirm the value of mutual feelings.

There are people who important is the act of obtaininggift. Gifts for them must be original and touching. How to tell a love such a man? Make it a spontaneous gift designed just for him! An important point: should he give a gift, you certainly personally.

What can hurt such a person:

  • He will be offended if, instead of interesting, original gift, destined him personally, you just give him an envelope with the money with the wish to choose a gift for his request.
  • He will be hurt if he finds out that you just peredaril him a gift intended for the other person.

Method 3: Touch

Some people are focused on touch,therefore of particular importance to them can have a simple handshake. Gestures such as this can be regarded by them as an attempt to establish contact, to show the location.

For people-oriented touchtouch can be more important than sex. You ask how to talk about love such a man? Very simple: try in every situation (whether you are in public or private) to touch a loved one, so that he can feel your love and affection. Embrace it, hug or just a shoulder pat on the head - these gestures are simple and considerate, but they can tell a lot.
What can hurt a person-oriented touch:

  • He will be very upset if you step back, when he comes to embrace you.
  • Pain can cause, razdarivaya other people touch the right and left, pretending that these gestures do not have to have any particular value.

Method 4: Help and Participation

People who believe the truth of the assertion thatlove - is to help and participate, may not be clear to your senses, if you just give them gifts or try, as much as possible to spend more time together. But if you go and see them when they are sick, or offer to help around the house, they will be hard to know what your feelings towards him are serious, and you have the most reliable and nice person in the world.

On the question of how to talk about love, man,oriented help and participation, the answer is simple: try to be there at a difficult moment, offer to help, accept the help that will offer you in return. And your partner will not doubt that you really love it and appreciate that it plays an important role in your life.

What can hurt your partner:

  • Sure, it hurt your claim, you will find it a little help.
  • Cause great pain, please, not to go to you with the offer of assistance.

Method 5: Be close to your loved ones

Users of such a plan, "fused" with each otherall the fibers of my soul. On these legends about the two halves of the soul. Often these "halves" are wives of scientists and writers. They always follow her husband to help him in his work, trying to be there at all times, everyone remembers anniversaries and meetings, protect their loved ones from the negative.

How to talk about the love of his "soul mate"? Of course, the person you love so much that you can not stay without a minute, and he knows about your feelings and appreciates them. But if you try to take an active part in his life (for example, to help in the business or share a hobby), and in sorrow and in joy will be with him, will go hand in hand with your loved in life - this is the best tell him of your love. "The main thing together!" - Is the motto of your pair.

What can upset and hurt your soul mate:

  • It hurts if one of you will have the attention of others and forget about it.
  • Razdosaduet resentment and, if you choose to communicate with them on one activity, such as a computer game or a conversation with a friend on the phone.

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