How to make the perfect marriage proposal?

Since you are not the only and not the first,who makes such an offer, nothing to fear, I am sure the wedding portal But, in any case, you need to consider some important points before you say the magic words of your beloved.

An offer of marriage

What should I do?

Discuss readiness for family life

Make sure that you and your lover in alldetails discussed and adopted a serious decision to marry that you both want it and you have the same perception of family life. Ensure your chances of winning, and that she would tell the coveted "yes". Otherwise, it may be quite the opposite situation with unpleasant consequences.

Prepare a wedding ring

Remember that an engagement ring, youGive your favorite, she will wear for a long time, so you should try with the choice of such an important gift. If you are not sure that she liked the ring that you choose to your taste, then seek advice from her mother, best friend or sister. But here, too, be careful that nobody blabbed about your plans. If you decide you can handle on their own - excellent! Learn about your favorite preferences, for example, during a joint walk to the shops.

Engagement ring

surprise her

Try to keep all the plans secret untilimportant event, if you really want to surprise their chosen one and take her by surprise in the positive sense of the word. It is an unexpected proposal will cause a storm of positive and real emotions. Moreover, original and thoroughly thought-out marriage proposal crash into the memory for years to come. And, perhaps, will be the story of your family happy and to love. It is worth to try.

How to impress girl

Explain why it

Before you ask the big question,be sure to tell your beloved how much she means to you, what strengths do you feel it, that do not see the meaning of life without her, that she was the one and only. If you are afraid that at the most crucial time for both of you, you forget everything you want to say to her, then make a list in advance with beautiful words of praise in her address. The main thing, remember that you should not mumble!

Take the classic pose

Classic is always in fashion. Stand in front of her on his knee, prepare a box with a wedding ring, and try not to be embarrassed ... go for it! This touching and romantic moment make her heart flutter. Of course, you can think whatever script responsible for such events, if you're not a supporter of the classics. The choice is yours. Mass inventive and modern ideas can be found on the website

Bright marriage proposal

Say the magic words: "Will you marry me? "

No matter how much you know, do you know allhabits of its second half or not, even the age difference is not as important as real and sincere feelings of the two loving hearts, who are willing to give love to each other and the world around them.

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