Engagement ring: become my wife

Beautifully make an offer

The symbol of loyalty, sincerity and commitmenta man to start a family and a wedding ring, which he presents to his beloved. Make Offer nice and give an engagement ring can be a pleasant romantic atmosphere, somewhere in a restaurant, ordering a candlelit dinner by inviting favorite trip or remembering the good old days, but a little half-forgotten tradition - to ask for the hand of her beloved from the parents.

It really is beautiful, unique andunforgettably! Such touching moments warms us throughout married life, refreshing memories of sincerity and sense of loyalty and the warmth of the native heart. During the wedding ceremony the bride takes off wedding ring, and the young husband puts on her wedding ring finger. Later, a woman can wear a wedding ring with a wedding, for example, on top of it.

But what she likes?

However, we ran a little forward. Long before the memorable and significant day engagement to the young man is going to make a fine and necessary preparatory work. It wants to present sweetheart surprise, surprise her.

Before you give free rein to imagination, you mustslowly find out the preferences most girls. Which metal she prefers (to find out, for example, that many modern girls aversion to yellow gold, but someone simply does not accept psychologically). Brilliant, skillfully inscribed in the engagement ring - a symbol of the ties of strength, steadfastness solutions, purity relations. However, it's really expensive stone. You can stop and no less noble stone. Jewelry will benefit from your imagination and custom look at ordinary things.

Choose the stone will help any information. For example, her zodiac sign. Or her style of dress, lifestyle. If a man - an attentive interlocutor, he will hear about the most intimate desires of the beloved fairy tale and try to bring to life.

How do you know the size?

Here it will be more difficult. Most, of course, true - to ask about it directly. You can seek the advice of her friend, or offer as if by chance to try one of the lover rings (but here the possibility of losing the mystery of the moment).

Another way - just take the measure of ringletfavorite. For example, when she leaves soak in the bathtub, take one of her rings and paint over the two sides - external and internal. So jeweler or retailer will be easier to determine the right size.

What is presented in response?

The custom of giving wedding ring showsdependence of women, first - from her parents, then - from her husband. After all, as such, property of the bride was not, she could not dispose of their state, and that's it. Today this custom has lost its original meaning, becoming a beautiful and romantic prelude to a long and happy married life. Modern women back can also give the bride an engagement ring - a sign, so to speak, to love. But as long as this step is a fine half of mankind did not become mandatory for all wedding traditions.

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