What do men want?

According to social surveys, women moreeverything else want their loved one has been more romantic. I wonder whether you know what you want to see your man? In fact, men want from their partners for sex a lot, and not one, as the saying goes, "all the men from the women need only one."

Take the initiative and enthusiasm

Do you remember when was the last time showedinitiative in lovemaking? Do you think that really does not matter who started it? And here and there! Your initiative will demonstrate the partner that you want it and your great desire. After all, if the start is always a man, then it is quite natural question may arise: do I want my favorite or her feelings for me have long grown cold?

If you want to emphasize your sexuality, andattraction to your loved using bright lipstick or unbuttoned buttons on her blouse, then you will fail. Our men are waiting for us to activism, a clear demonstration of his desire to make love.

By the way, sometimes we sacrifice our sexuality in favor of routine matters.

Quite often we refuse to the man,saying in justification that we have no time (it is necessary to cook, wash, clean, raise children). And Sami that we do not notice how in our lives disappears spontaneous sex, joy, tenderness and trust of the spouse. But spontaneity is the same enthusiasm that demonstrates your favorite, that when he next to you, you forget about everything. Believe me, your favorite is worth it to you for the sake of communicating with them put off any of your important business and dreams of spontaneous sex with his wife.

Bring in a variety of lovemaking

In many ways, we are victims of our habits andstereotypes. If something in a certain period of time we do well, we are ready to repeat it again and again, oblivious to the fact that even the most pleasant moments of your dry mouth are constancy and predictability.

That is why our lovemaking eventually turn into a set ritual is to kiss, pat here now rub. And thereby lose all charm for us.

Get rid of routine in your sex life! Experiment, change the time and place, the style of relations and game scenarios. Apply some amount of effort, desire and a sense of humor, and you bude rewarded bright and passionate sex.

Yes, the favorite sexual positions have each,but just think, if for so many centuries enjoyed great success Kamasutra, that in fact it is necessary for someone? Men love the variety. Try to change position every time you make love. Have sex in a new place. Change the style of romantic relationships: from romantic to aggressive, from the gentle to the passionate to the game elements. Destroy your family stereotypes, free imagination, implement the most daring dreams and frank desire! Suggest husband play an interesting game: let each of you in turn brings something new to lovemaking (it may be candles and aromatic oils, music or video, sexy lingerie or a new position). Compete, it will increase your sex drive, and therefore your satisfaction about sex.

Trust your partner and be honest with him

It is only in sentimental novels and filmsmen and women guess the slightest desire to each other. So often in life people are so standard that determines how well their partner, by the way, he guesses their sexual desires. Even couples with experience is not always possible to talk openly about sexual desires. But, more often and more openly you discuss the text threads with each other, the closer and trusting is your communication.

It's amazing, but it is because of the forcedSilence (adopted, it should be said in the world of men), many men feel very lonely and misunderstood. They are taught from childhood that share their feelings with loved it people - it is humiliating. And confined to himself, men often refuse to even discuss the topic of sex, because in such conversations, they feel vulnerable and less courageous. This, incidentally, shows much of their infantilism and children's faith in miracles.

Try to gently and unobtrusively cause a mana frank talk about sex. Understand that he is experiencing at this present discomfort, so you have to help him overcome the uncertainty and fear, help to feel comfortable talking to you. He will need your openness, trust and positive response. If he can feel that the world is a man who understands it and takes it to heart problems, it will be revealed and will be frank with you.

Pay full attention to your favorite

As often happens, that we barely acquainted withman, we pay him a lot of attention and devote a lot of time communicating with them. However, the pass few years and we are now taking the first place very different things: work, hobbies, friends, parenting. It would seem that your relationship with your partner reached stability. But in fact, you will increasingly think that you misunderstood what your words are not heard and you do not appreciate. More and more tired of the routine daily affairs, you are paying less attention to sex and intercourse with her husband, and he begins to think that he forgot about that communication with him for you are no longer interesting, and tiring. Conflicts arise.

And, seemingly so simple, to give her husband a littlemore attention, do not be afraid to put off other things in order to spend an extra minute with him, try to get your routine does not become a permanent guest in a sexual relationship with her beloved.

Look at yourself from the outside:

  • you no longer buy their beautiful sexy lingerie and replaced it with a practical warm pajamas,
  • you do not paint over the lips, when waiting for her husband to work,
  • you are no longer considered rivals of beautiful young girls found you when you go with her husband on the street,
  • Now you will not go with her husband in the evenings.

If all of the above is true for your relationship with your spouse, it means that you no longer consider them as something special, and thus something expensive.

Try to remember a time when youknees trembled at the thought of the imminent meeting with her beloved. Remember this moment, remember that very love your husband. And to give it a little more attention, talk to him, talk together passing day, go to him with love, and your life will be brighter than the emotional.

Take courage

Do you think that sex can only bemarital bed? You are wrong and deprive yourself of bright and unique sensations. The unusual situation (for example, the elevator, your husband's office, locked) can greatly arouse your spouse and add a special zest to your relationship.

Therefore, a drop of healthy adventurism welcome in every woman. Do not be afraid to step over the moral inhibitions that have formed in your lifetime, go ahead and experiment.

For many couples, sex becomes a real discovery in a public place.

Savor that sex gives the danger of being caught on the spot.

Try to play with her husband in sexualFantasy: share with whom, when, where and in what way you want to have sex. You can also come up with the story together erotic film. Does your imagination will bring newness into your relationship.

It operates only one rule - mutualthe desire to partner. So start is still careful to understand exactly how to react to what is happening to your favorites, and to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also do not forget during the experiments of his sense of humor.

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