Secrets of kisses: Learn your partner

How often it happens that two people have for each other interest and sympathy for quite a while, but the first kiss to convince them that the relationship between them does not have a place of passion.

Kiss - a form of communication, which isan expression of affection, love, respect and affection. But the secret kisses that they can be used to capture the most subtle feelings and emotions to convey that words sometimes very difficult. It may be shy and ardent passion, and respect for, and recognition.

This secret kisses known for a long time. Therefore, women during the first kiss would be carried out as a rapid test of their relationship with a man.

Kiss can carry a variety of signals. Here are some secrets of kisses:

  • kiss reports the status of sexuality by odors, which form the basis of pheromones,
  • if the lips during a kiss firmly compressed, it indicates a lack of desire to continue playing,
  • if the lips are opened and passed inside, then it can express motivation "act boldly"
  • partner tense, and his tongue is moving towards - it is a signal the explicit desire,
  • tongue soft, elusive - partner prefers slow love game.

Revealing the secrets of the kissing, you can learn more about the man and his feelings for you. The manner of kissing conditionally divided into four categories of men.


His kisses tense, a bit nervous. Lips stretched for time kiss. The kiss is very exciting. But the activity of such a man has several hysterical tone. The relationship with him like a fairy tale: the bright, all-consuming, fast. The secret kisses with this man is that he comes on very quickly senses, but quickly loses interest in the project. Therefore, if you are focused on long-term relationship with him, you have to constantly reheat his interest to you and to be tolerant of his flirting on the side. Such a man will approach a balanced, self-confident woman who is ready to take the lead. If you are just such, this is your man!


His kisses are tough, rhythmic and monotonous. The effect of such a man powerfully and decisively. kissing The secret is that with such a man you will be like a stone wall. It is reliable, rational, married life with him, and the size is stable. But do not expect him crazy romantic fantasies. Bear in mind that this man fairly persistent in achieving their goals. It will suit you if you aspire to a quiet family joys, and from the partner you need support and reliability.


His kisses cautious, sometimes overlywet. His lips narrowed. The secret of his kisses on the tenderness, care, affection. With such a partner have to be tactful and careful with his feelings. It is important your support, and be prepared to guide and support him. The main thing is that he will go with you to the end of the world, and the relationship with them will be romantic and gentle endless. But if you prefer self-confident partner, such a man is not for you.


His kisses are varied. Secret kisses that they best meet your feelings and adjust to your attitude. Kissing with such a man can be gentle and persistent, delicate and passionate. If your man is this, then you're in luck. Most likely, in your relationship it will dominate it, but understanding - is the key word that can describe your relationship. And remember, you will always have to defend the title of the ideal woman, as long as you close with this man. But maybe it's worth it?

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