Prenuptial phobia in men

After the wedding, the man begins to realize that youhis one and only and inimitable. Asked why only after the wedding? Why he does not understand it, after the first wave of a kiss or after the first night spent with him? Why do men need so much time to the simple truth has come true for him, so he knew what you were made for each other? Yes, maybe it's just a male characteristic, and we do not understand. After all, a girl met her only understanding comes pretty quickly. For us, it is immediately clear that we are now connected and are a single whole. A man at this moment still have doubts.

Yes, the man is difficult to change your mind. But we can say with certainty that sooner or later there comes a day when a man begins to dream about the wedding with his beloved and dear to him a woman. But while this day is yet to come, try to better understand the causes of the most common phobias men that beset the man before the wedding. And trace of how these fears dissipated after the wedding. After all, a beautiful and solemn march by Mendelssohn, and a beautiful wife are able to dispel any fears men!

The first phobia. Fear of losing freedom

Such sweet for any human word - freedom. Men afraid of losing her, even though aware of that dearly loved. They think that if they came into this world free, and it should die the same: free from obligations, and participation in family affairs. Many men think that their favorite freedom with the advent of women driven away like smoke. But a woman - it's not just the first counter and the like and only. You agree to sacrifice some freedom for a part of it just as bad.

There are men who in any woman see onlythreat to their freestyle bachelor life. So really they do not want the family warmth and comfort, do not want an ordered sexual life and peaceful evenings in the family circle? Perhaps the realization that life is to change something, still overtake them. But this tightening is not necessary. The farther away, the more difficult it will be to put in my heart to love and live together.

What happens with this phobia after the wedding? It may sound funny, but after the wedding, the man loses all interest in his vaunted freedom. He realizes that he was wrong, the code boasted of the fact that he a lone wolf. Now pretty much nicer to hug his wife and to tell her of his love. And freedom ... where did it go away!

Many men after marriage are changing torecognition. Where only disappears proud hermit? They are beginning to like control on the part of his wife, they are happy to obey the wishes of the woman he loved.

Second phobia. Not a good past experience

It happens that a man seeks to delay recognitionlove and marriage proposal. This is due to a previous bad experience of marriage. If he was married, knows the pros and cons of family life, a sign of personal experience with domestic scandals and disagreements with the family of his wife, then it is logical that he wants to take a closer look better to you. He has obvious reasons first proposal of marriage to realize that you are not the same as his ex.

You may need some time to live witha man in a civil marriage, that he felt the difference. Therefore, if a man doubts and trying to drag out as long as possible, do not put pressure on him. Well, maybe a little more often to remind you that you love him and want to marry the most beautiful, intelligent and powerful man in the world. That is for him. If he feels that you truly love him, then after some time with joy will come to you with flowers and marriage proposal.

How is this phobia turns around after the wedding? After the wedding, a man begins to realize that together with you in his life came confidence, stability, warmth of the hearth. As well as great food, cleanliness and order in the house and lovely woman is always there with him. After that, he wondered, and what was the delay so that happiness?

Third phobia. You need to check our feelings

Very often a man fears that loves younot strong enough to create a family with you. If you have always sought to openly show their feelings for him, very proud of their favorite and you want to wake up every morning next to him, then, in spite of his feelings for you, to live together with you, he may not yet be ready. Maybe he just was not yet ripe for marriage because of his youth. So think about it several times, perhaps you need to find a more mature man, which will fully meet your needs? After all, in most cases, marriages with immature and unprepared for the joint life of men are doomed to failure. Infantilism can destroy your happiness.

What happens after the wedding? Man, not ripe for marriage, will begin after the wedding to take time off from their duties at home, would prefer their entertainment and leisure pastime with you. Family care is not for him.

Although there are times when a man accustomedperform household chores in the home of his parents. But even in this case, the events may develop in two scenarios. In the first, he starts to drink and walk, imputing blame you, what you did not let him dogulyat and deceit zhenila on itself. On the second: he is aware of the failure of their children's behavior before the wedding and joyfully begins to study family life. If your marriage will take shape in the second scenario - it's great! Although it is said that not dogulyavshy man (nor dogulyavshaya woman) or, as may be said, is not gone mad, sooner or later their will.

Fourth phobia. Singles and friends habits bachelorhood

There are men who see marriage asbetrayal of his own "I", and even more so, as a betrayal of your friends. If the company, which used to spend all my time your fiance, all my friends still idle, it is not always the best friends can understand that your fiance met his love and wants to associate with her life. If he dare to tell all of them, it may scoff, or worse, friends can simply take offense. These are the complications of his relationship with friends, can lead to the postponement of the wedding indefinitely.

Many men think that after the wedding, theywill be quite different. Their friendship, which they are so much more expensive, change, too. They will not be able to spend with my friends as much time as they would like to have to cancel partying until the morning, and the habit of flirting with pretty girls at the bar, and other "male" fun have to forget. Friends do not always contribute to a clarification of your relationship. Some may approve your marriage, but there may be some who will try to dissuade from a wedding and trying to alienate loved you.

What will happen with this phobia after the wedding? The first few years, be prepared that your husband will devote your friends a long time. Old habits will be difficult to break the habit. Yes, and you can hardly find a friends husband a common language. You just have to wait and hope that the friends soon settled down and played their wedding. Then you will have companions in misfortune, and the pair chat for a couple to be more preferable.

Fifth phobia. He fears not justify your hopes

Quite often a man can scare the factthat he would be insolvent and unable to support his family. Maybe even have a situation that you will get a much larger salary than your favorite. And it really will contribute to the development had such a phobia.

Your groom could even inspire a child thatmale - hope and support the whole family. Therefore, while it is not in this to make sure the wedding will not happen. Although there are also men who are happy to shuffle all the worries on your fragile shoulders. This option is more suitable for ladies secured. And you can be a cost to find someone better? In light of the large number of men for whom marriage is a stimulus for new achievements in business and career. They are looking for new sources of finance, trying to improve their skills, change jobs.

What happens after the wedding? Every normal man, realizing that you are now the two will exert every effort to ensure you have a comfortable existence. Young people have become more serious and responsible. And if the family and the wife does not miss what is possible with your family life you are running is the beginning and your business together.

We can say that with confidence in appearancethe life of the beloved men obliges him to many things: it is growing up, and the emergence of a sense of responsibility and concern for the other person. In many ways, the aim is now hope men will excuse a person dear to him.

What conclusions can we draw? In my article, I hope once again to convince you that a woman needed a man like air. It is able to induce him to do great things, to inspire and open the wonderful world of love and trust. What is required of man? He just has to forget about all their phobias and feel free to take a step towards a new wonderful life - a life in a family union with a beautiful woman. It is only with her man is able to appreciate and understand what he is clever, reliable, kind and sensitive character.

And I hope that there will be a day when a man will gladly offer to marry him and they will not come up with all sorts of excuses from marriage. And I sincerely believe that such a day will come.

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