My favorite man

The man - a priceless treasure. Every woman loves and appreciates his treasure. Loving her lover - it's nice. But how to do that, and he wanted to please you every day, not only by his presence on the couch, but also flowers, surprises, smile?

By definition, a "treasure" - this is someone who has great qualities, or something that represents great value. That is exactly what you need to refer to the beloved - as a treasure.

If you want to nail a nail then it - ittreasure, which has great advantages (in any case, do not hesitate to trust him with a hammer and nail); if the beloved spoiled nail, the hammer dropped and scratched finger - this is a treasure of great value - it's time to show concern about it.

Treasure - always unique and unrepeatable. None of the treasure is not like the other, or it will cease to be. My favorite man needs to know that his and his alone, "the one and only way" takes your mind already for a whole day. Allow your favorite show and her feelings for you.

Man is by nature a bit lazySo push him to do so responsiblystep. Give him a reason! For some of the men fleeting smile will serve as a call to action, but for some you will have to consider the whole "cultural program", so that in the eyes of the man she loved came on the same spark of delight and love, backed by gentle words and colors, and even bewitch favorite.

Unfortunately, the standard recipe courting male No, but there are a lot of ingredients,able to convince him that he is your favorite man, he - your treasure. Sincere care and warmth to help you with this. Or just tell him "I love you." Tell him how good he is attractive and what his great sense of humor and how well he coped with the cleaning of the carpet last week. Do not hide from him the facts. A man has to hear it is up to you. Do not forget to repeat it to him often. Even when he was lying on the couch, it still remains a favorite for you. Treat it with his care, because he is the best.

Not all men recognized geniuses. You have to grow a genius of his men. Stay close, believe in him, saying beloved of their faith, support him in word and deed. Cherish your favorite talent and success is sure to come to him. And what could be better than the talented and beloved treasure in one person?

Appreciate in the man she loved his dignity: Broad back, which is so nice to massage; heels, that I so want to tickle

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