Create a family? And he's ready?

Joint life, as well as the stamp in the passport today scares, alas, not only men but also women. Why? First of all, for the simple reason that with somebody have to share their own, personal space. The current trend to marry in a rather mature age has its pluses and minuses, and over time it can be difficult to decide on what to create their own family. And what if you listen to him. To understand the feelings. Perhaps you are already ready for marriage?

So, the first sign of readiness that the partner you need and no more. It is tolerant of your shortcomings, he appreciates every moment spent with you. Well, it is possible to develop the idea further.

Joint talking about future plans,drawing in the imagination of all the necessary details - location, home improvement, the accumulation of money, a joint vacation. Also it says a lot about how your partner (or partner) is ready (ready) to make a commitment for the future together.

Another obvious and more than a convincing sign of readiness to start a family - Talk about the children

. If a woman or a man says or hintsthat would like to have a child by you, or just from time to time brings the conversation to the subject, to be sure, he has represented in his imagination a picture on the theme: "Create a family! Turn!"

But such conversations - an occasion to test their dreams(Possibly still shy), to find out the attitude and reaction of the second half. Do not, however, wonder if the questions and topics will be raised as if in passing, so to speak, on the occasion. So your proper response - a support call, will get acquainted with the position of partner. And most such moments. For many, the very topic of discussion on the future of marriage (even casually) - a serious test for self and inner peace. So cherish these moments.

From conversations - to business. If your young person begins to help you in the material plane, it is possible that it is an occasion to reflect on the theme: create a family. For example, it helps you to rent an apartment, choosesome household items, pay utility bills - all this suggests that your significant other is ready to contribute to the joint budget.

Another feature - talk about the wedding. Yesterday your favorite man afraid of the topic,like fire, and now calmly discussing how he would like to mention the most solemn day in the life: how and where to spend it, who to invite, where to spend their honeymoon - a clear reason to think about serious relationship.

Your friend has already become a part of your family - enjoys spending time with household, willingly takes part in family celebrations and campaigns? A sure sign that he is ready to start a family.

Careful attention to you - about clothing carejewelery, knowledge of your tastes and preferences - a clear sign that your relationship can take a serious long-term nature, and your spouse will pick you good gold wedding ring.

In general, the foregoing indicates that yourboyfriend (or girlfriend) is ready for a serious relationship, ready to start a family. And think of calm, when you say that you can live without not that bad without you, when you call and send SMS several times a day. It means, people willing to part with his bachelor lifeThat they need a home wash and comfort someonedaily care and attention. Delusion is not necessary to build, how not to rush things. Be patient and you will realize that your spouse is ready for such a responsible step, how to create a family. His.

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