Art of seduction

"A man by the power to conquer the world, but a woman. The strength to win every man "Surely, every girl in nature has the ability, flirt Many flirt -. Lifestyle, art and seduction is an integral part of them.

Man, as well as the woman is able to flirt. So ... Do you have an object of seduction. No doubt you have the desire to seduce her. It is possible that she is ready to respond to you in return. But do not rely on a fleeting sensation, because pretty seductive smile, appraising glance, wandering on you, still about what does not speak.

You are like a man who intends to develop a relationship,to win the girl's heart, or at least to seduce should let her know that she is cute you sure you want it. In this case, it is not necessary to torture yourself guesses, and as they say, take the situation under control. But do not get excited, remember that your actions must be unambiguous, otherwise you can commit follies and left with nothing, or rather anyone.

As with any art, the art of flirting and seduction has its theoretical and practical course. Let's start with the theory. Hopefully these few rules of seduction to help you win the girl's heart.

Rule one. Gaining the attention and trust of the girls you can, looking into her eyes. Your running and looking from side to side eye, talk about your insecurities. Therefore, during the flirting, try to focus on her eyes.

Second Rule. The girl did not vest for "snot". Whatever the problems and troubles you are now in life is not taking place to post your stories about the hard life of his best friend, he was happy to listen to you. It is not necessary to open the soul of the person with whom you are not going to have a serious relationship. Try sincere smile, let them know that you easily find a common language. Otherwise it may be a view that you are a loser.

Third Rule. Do not forget that "the woman loves the ears." Flirting, do not skimp on compliments, compliments the more, the better, they never are not redundant.

Rule Four. Do not encroach on the freedom of women. Your attitude should not be nothing to oblige. What she is cute you, and you are going to win it, does not mean that it should respond to you in return. Try in his manner of communication to show that it is not indifferent to you, and you will be very happy if she favors you with her radiant smile. But do not impose.

Rule Five. Flirting, it is not necessary to ask provocative questions that can completely erase all your courtship. Try to carry on a conversation so that you only get the answers that are willing to hear.

Rule Six. Do not be afraid to tell the girl about yourself, not about what you are good, and that you like, your career plans. Lightweight, unobtrusive conversation will allow the girl in response to tell you about a lot of useful and interesting information.

Rule seventh. During her address to you on "you" ask her to go on "you", it will remove tension, facilitate dialogue.

Rule eight. When the contact is established. Try gently, exchange numbers, and email addresses. The main objective is to get a girl's interest in you that she had a desire to once again meet with you, or just to chat on the phone. Get it from some trifling promises. Promising to do some little thing, she will fulfill it.

The art of flirting and seduction - a complex science,which requires practice. Eight rules of the theoretical course will help you to make contact, so to speak "to roll." You still have to overcome many difficulties in order to lure the desired girl, and to achieve this goal.

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