How do you get a man to marry you?

Every day, many girls around the world takesOne question is: how soon to get married, how to get a man to marry, how to marry a foreigner. If the search process is delayed for a few years, then there is not hard to get, and depression. "I will never marry is impossible to force a man to marry." - These words can sometimes hear from some of the girls.

It should be noted that a marriage - it is not a spontaneous miracle, but a matter of time. You with a partner to get used to each other, to study habits, learn to trust. It can sometimes take several years.

Do not despair. Let's examine the question of how to get a man to marry. We will try to understand how in the minds of men can be conceived a desire to marry you, to start a family with you. Thus, we consider several ways to push the thought loved in the right direction.

Method 1 Okrut "mama's son"

This method, as the name suggests, is suitable,if your favorite belongs to the category of so-called "momma's boy". So, how to get a man to marry if it "mama's boy"? In this case, the first place you should get to know the parents of your elect and be sure to please his mother.

Prepare to hold Smotrin. Be sure to ask your loved one that loves his mom and what values ​​and interests of her special attention. Then evaluate your wardrobe and pick exactly the clothes that best may like the future mother in law.

Do not behave provocatively in a conversation withparents. It is better to try to convey to them the exact information about themselves, which can put you in the best light. For example, if the mother of your favorite member of the so-called "domostroevskogo type", make sure you emphasize that you're from a good family, educated, know how to cook well, needlework and, of course, loves her son. Emphasize that in a conversation with my mother, that you want to have children ( "you just imagine what beautiful children can be your son, because he is incomparable!").

If your landing is successful, then wait a long story about her mother's beautiful Chad. Be sure to agree and assent - it will strengthen the positive effects of your meeting.

After meeting with parents (through the day so commercialsTwo) ask the dear, his opinion about how was your meeting. If he's embarrassed and downcast eyes, enjoy all goes as it should. A further processing of the son on the upcoming marriage will have the very head of the family of your future husband. Say "yes" at the right time and get ready for the upcoming wedding.

Method 2: Rendezvous at the registrar

The method is good if your partner belongs to the frivolous type of young people and it is very venturesome.

How do you get a man to marry if he is a gamblerand a little light-headed? This method is for you! To him it is necessary to properly prepare. Ideally, everything will be fine if you have a good friend in the registry office, which can help in the organization of the bureaucratic side of things (especially when you consider that all you have to do without the participation of the groom). After settling affairs in the registry office will invite the party dear. Let us know that the dress code is mandatory, and passport need to take with you.

Then the case is developing according to the scenario: "Look, the registrar Head over and sign it?"

If you do not have friends in the registry office, it does not matter: You can approach the solution of the problem with marriage and with the other hand. The venue is the same. The words: "I want to ask you to keep everything that happens in secret Come will submit an application for marriage And then, when write out, arrange a wonderful get-together and all declare That all our friends will be surprised.?!".

Of course, it is important that you should walknear the registry office necessarily in the hours of operation, it needs to clarify timetable. And what's your favorite must have a significant degree of adventurism. And in the next month and a half before the wedding, try not to discourage desire to groom you to sign, and do not bother him with questions and reproaches, and it could be repeated the story of Gogol's "Marriage".

Method 3: To marry careerist

The method is good if your man already has a significant position in the company. In order to decide how to get a man to marry you, you have to act clearly and deliberately.

Set out all your favorite pros because youbecome his wife. Emphasize that you are doing all this for his own good. After all, his status in the company is sure to increase as a married staff shareholders will be treated with great respect and trust, because the wedding ring on a man's hand shows its reliability and stability. And after his marriage procedure can expect a significant increase in the post.

Think and ozvuchte beautiful modelyour wedding business plan. Try to stress that do without superfluous expenditure (for example, no limousine, and lush banquet wedding dress). Pre specify where, when and at what time you can apply for a marriage, how long can last standing in line. These are the questions you have to answer in the first place. After all, your favorite is a busy man.

Method 4: Honey, we will soon be three!

The method is very old and extremely dangerous. Make a way to marry the Playboy means to impose on your living together mark the tragedy and "obyazalovka", which in turn will cause a lot of negativity in relation to you personally. And if you discover that your pregnancy is just a fiction, then get ready for the fact that your loved one can behave in unpredictable ways.

If the answer to your question, how to make a manmarry you as soon as possible, you try to imagine your pregnancy, and the experience of many marriages in this scenario, one can note: this method does not bring happiness to a young family, a divorce in such families are more common practice than the exception to the rule.

However, if your partner before long lived in another marriage where the wife could not have children, then this method can be a good tactic.

Method 5: All of the people!

A great way to get a man to marry,if your close circle of friends and all have a girlfriend for a long time married. Spend a favorite conversation keywords that will "we are no worse than others," "Only you and I, and unmarried," "come, and we will be like all other people."

Please note that your loved oneI had no experience of presence at weddings, and, as a rule, such an experience can permanently discourage young man's desire to marry and repeat "this hard labor" is already on hand.

Method 6: Catch up to the end of the world

This method of how to get a man to marry, may happen if your partner a romantic and enjoys nature.

If your favorite tracks for the latest news,in a conversation with him, you can (as if by chance) to emphasize that next spring launch the Large Hadron Collider. And it is very important to have time to sign up to this event, which could shake the foundations of life on our planet. If your idea succeed, in the future, try to make your future spouse are not acquainted with the interview of Professor Nicholas Dremina, in which he talks about the complete safety of the launch of this huge instrument.

By the way, in the press often slip the news about the end of the world. Choose your taste and forth!

Method 7: I love you!

Marry for love - it's so romantic! This method of how to get a man to marry, the most honest. Do not tire of talking about his beloved love. Emphasize in the conversation that you want to live with him all his life, his actions confirm this. Form his idea of ​​what you'll be the perfect wife for him.

Then you can talk and the officiala marriage that only fasten your union of loving hearts. Ideally, to proposal of marriage you have heard from the elect. By the way, the same demands and the classics of the genre. How do you get a man to marry? Love it, respect it, appreciate it, and you'll be rewarded with wonderful years of marriage!

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