Several ways how to get a man to marry

In the world, there is a perception among men that promise -It does not mean to marry. This kind of "excuse", allows men to wash their hands and out of the water dry, while poor women removed from their ears noodles.

Of course, if you love one another, for a long timemeet, and you pretty fed up "buketno-flower" period, and your lover still can not be resolved, you can try to take the first step itself. But for this it is necessary to know how to get a man to marry.

The first and perhaps the surest way,get acquainted with his parents, and to enter into their confidence. Activists on the other hand will not interfere, especially if it's my mother. Just imagine what will happen when his beloved mom starts to drip on the brain's son, so he eventually settled down and started a family, and then the grandchildren in the offing.

Malo, a son loves his mother would not give in to provocation. That's just you have not enough to work hard, because like the future mother in law is not so simple.

Get ready for hours listening to his culinary research moms and constant praise of your potential suitor.

The second way does not meet with married. Few of these Lovelace will go to divorce for the sake of short-term affair. Many women falling into their networks have to spend hours listening to how sick wife and forever screaming children.

Such men are ready to use in another love affair, but only some of them are really decided on such a serious step - divorce.

If a man only recently divorced, then there is still work to do, so to speak "to take control in their hands."

Third, and no less faithful than the first way - to get pregnant.

And many, it caught. Although many know that you need to use contraception, and did not believe the first statement of the woman, that she was pregnant.

Of course, the man can be hung noodles, andjust pretend that she was pregnant. After will be carefully studied his reaction and behavior, you can really get pregnant. And then, of course happy ending, with the completion.

The fourth way, become for him the veryunique and irreplaceable. You can play it once just to get away for a day, this will be enough to make him understand that without you it is like without hands. For example, he wakes up in the morning, you do not. Sneakers can not find in the kitchen knows how to cook your own breakfast, dressing, finds that the wrinkled trousers, socks and did not.

At one point, he realizes that there is no your life. Soon you will appear and take it as it "hot to".

The fifth method, water and shake out the promisemarry. The method is certainly effective, but before the first sobering. In the morning he hardly something to remember. And in the evening, in a drunken state, he will tell you anything.

Of course, you can still come up with a lot of ways how to get a man to marry. The main thing to remember that we - women, smarter, smarter, well, how can we do without our charming.

Man is able to conquer the world, but the only woman to win the strength of any man. So that the whole world in our hands. Be of good cheer!

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