We are looking for the groom!

We go in search of the groom

First of all, before the groom searchYou need to decide: firstly, where and who to look for; Secondly, social and professional level (the banker, military, manager, builder, scientist); Third, take into account the interests, hobbies (fishermen, hunters, sportsman, etc.); Fourth, outline the scope of the search and the characteristic countryside. Do not forget also that men have their own concepts and ideas about where they can go to their wives (future wife), their range and occupation.

Decide exactly who you want,go to search for the groom. Remember, if you need a banker, do not look for it in the scientific library. Places and search capabilities groom weight: road courses, work, gym, shop, internet and so on.

Restaurants, bars, clubs.

The probability of finding the man of your heart, it is inThis establishment is practically reduced to zero. The restaurant is quite expensive, often, there is a man with his companions, or at business meetings. Bars and clubs are places where a normal bride would not seek a life partner. Introduction of such an institution is reduced to the most fleeting desire "potusovatsya" and have a good time.

A party.

A more peaceful place to explore and find the groom. It is possible to tie a good conversation. All you need to avoid loud music, do not abuse alcohol.


The most simple and common place to explore and find the groom, if not afraid of "Office Romance". The main thing is not timid, to take the initiative into their own hands and act.

Shops, supermarkets.

After the workplace, the most commonare looking for shops, to do with a variety of (food, books, sports). The only rule, avoid stores and men's underwear departments. Late afternoon is the best time, at this time, many are going shopping after work. You can always ask for help to a man, to get something from the top shelf, advice, etc.


Quiet and peaceful place for fans to read. Where you can sit down and calmly look around, choose the appropriate literature, and a man.

Educational establishments.

Especially engineering, where men dime a dozen. A good opportunity to get acquainted with an educated bride. Do not forget that in addition to the students, there are also teachers with advanced degrees.


If you are a believer, it is a good opportunity to find a person of the native spirit and heart. A quiet peaceful place where you can relax from the hectic life and to have a good friendship.

Parks, squares.

A good opportunity to spend time in the openair and look for the groom. Often, in the park you can meet anyone, romance, host to walk your pet (by the way, the bride who loves dogs will be true and faithful to her husband), the same banker or scientists. The main thing is not to go late at night.

Internet dating services.

If you are willing to risk, love intrigues, flirting,reckless, or you work a lot, and you are not able to break away from the workplace. Then, in the search for the groom can help you to the Internet. Recently, a very popular method for dating, especially in an age of advanced technology.

There are a variety of places: sports grounds, a variety of courses and clubs, waiting halls, while traveling, at the wedding of her best friend, beaches, parking lots, etc.

Sometimes your potential suitor is nearYou, right under your nose. You may have previously not even notice each other. This person can be anyone, your roommate, the grandson of your mistress from whom you rent a room, your co-worker or classmate in college, a friend of her husband, or your girlfriend's sister. Therefore, before you go on a quest, look around carefully.

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