Languages ​​and flirting rules

Flirt - means to attract attention. It is expressed in very different forms, often each of them carries a sexual nature. Men and women tend to flirt. The man with the help of flirting emphasizes their strength, courage, ability to carry on a conversation, etc. Women flirt - flirting. After all, whatever it was, we "meet on clothes, escorted to the mind." In the case of flirtation first person is perceived through the eyes (its attractiveness, sexuality), and then by the intellect.

Flirt - is the information transmission processDrugs sight, touch, smell perfume, compliments, etc. Perhaps everyone has the ability to flirt was inherent nature, the only difference is, as far as it is developed. Flirt - is only a means and method to achieve a particular purpose, whether it is a desire to build a serious relationship, lifestyle, erotic game or manipulation.

Flirt - is to some extent a game that has its unspoken conditions, languages ​​and rules by which we can determine the intentions philandering man.

Consider the typical rules of conduct and, accordingly, the person intent on flirting:

The desire to build a serious relationship.

Casual - an information signal, thatYou are interested in. Flirt - is the starting stripe, foreboding romantic encounter, a thrilling passion, love affairs, and as a result of a happy marriage.

In this case, the yoke will not hide yoursympathy to you, she will try to make communication with them as simple, easy and comfortable. Her goal is not to flirt with you, not about you by the nose, its intentions are serious. If you are ready to relationships, you can boldly smile back yoke.

This kind of flirting involves the seriousnessintentions. Coquette is really interested in communication with you, and she really wants to know more about you. So if you are ready for a serious relationship with this person, do not ignore her coquetry and flirting, it can only cool and temper her zeal.

Erotic game.

Flirting, which does not imply seriousrelationship. For the yoke you no more than an object for its experiments, and only in rare cases, the object of her desires. It will be free to "shoot" at your eyes at what will become the target of your private parts. How would you not try to Catch her cheeky look at yourself, you have a little, because what happens is a flirt skillfully hide it. But, nevertheless, you always will feel the eyes on her. Often when talking flirt uses meaningful, ambiguous words and phrases. Task coquette create an atmosphere of light excitation, which subsequently spread to you.

Flirting in the form of erotic play - it's not quitesafe game. Coquette may create the appearance that will tempt you to open. You could not stand, try to make the first move, but do not be surprised if a flirt then "shine heels." As a result, both remain in "the broken trough" You cheated, and a flirt and do not understand why you allowed yourself to encroach on it.

Do not rush to blame the coquette in her behavior is notmalice. Flirt flirt for this is quite a natural event. Moreover, in her opinion, all around look at flirting with the same side as it. Often flirt simply not aware that their conduct gave you a reason. For its part, can only encourage her coquetry and flirting. But do not rush to retaliate, not to break the "visible" erotic game. Coquette, who yearns to go beyond the erotic games, be sure to notice your promotion.

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