Flirt - means to attract attention?

Flirt, includes a variety of forms and types. Probably, many people have many forms and types of flirting. But, one way or another, all of these types and forms leads to the achievement of one goal - to build relationships, temporal (erotic game, manipulation) or lifetime (marriage). Of course, not without exceptions, when flirting is a style of life, regardless of whether married (married), he (it) or not.

So, consider the typical rules of conduct and, accordingly, human intentions, to which is flirting lifestyle:

Flirt as a lifestyle.

Coquette, for which flirt always a way of lifebe with a smile on her face, she will literally "light", mischievous and always with admiration. This yoke is always trying to be in the spotlight, her mood and behavior sincerely. The main rule - no complexes during intercourse. Behavior often fits the mood coquette. It can easily tie a chat with you, but that does not mean that she wants to continue or develop your relationship. Coquette will always find an opportunity to someone to flirt, be it on the street, in a club, supermarket, cinema, etc. The motto of the yoke is that no one, no one, nothing is required in today's world. This type of flirting is very similar to the game, flirt flirting with you, but it does not intend to develop relations. As you come to nothing owe. All that connects you to the yoke, is communication.

Flirt as manipulation.

Flirting in the form of manipulation rather dangerous game. Often the ability to flirt and seduce a man used as a way to "cheat". Moreover, that goals can be put completely different, it may be like to achieve something, the decision of any situations, difficulties with your help, or just to have fun because you "enter" a provocation. In this case, the yoke will use a variety of methods to achieve their goals or performance of the task. She skillfully giving away the love scene, but in the end, when you start to go at it on occasion, just show coolness or indifference.

This means the game Flirt on someone else's rules,where the principle of "carrot and stick". If you do not play by the rules, you will be punished accordingly (for example: flirting with another person). In the case where everything is on the thumb, you certainly will grant admiring glance, a promising smile. You are drawn into such a relationship, hoping that soon you will be able to get this sweet "fruit", and soon frustrated. But it is a pity to lose because even though such a relationship with a yoke, and you continue to go at it on occasion.

To avoid such a "swampy" relations helpYour calm and indifferent to her whims. The reaction will be apparent without resentment and silence, there will not do. "Salvation drowning, the handiwork of drowning", so run from such a relationship as possible away.

Manipulation - The ability to flirt with the help of forceperson to do what you need to basque. It will be all sorts of ways to achieve your submission. Flirt, flirt using a manipulation will pursue you, and at that moment, when you are ready to make a move, they will switch to another person. You have to become the achieved goal. Your desire to restore justice and to try to renew attention yoke automatically turns you into a fan.

The only way out - Ignore the behavior coquette, flirting with another man, in the end, sooner or later will make your yoke to pay attention to you and then get your loyalty.

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