An Ideal Husband: look or raise?

Let's take a sober approach the solution of the problem: "I am the perfect man!". In the understanding of women - is not only a reliable protector and breadwinner, but still attentive and affectionate husband and father. But if we demand the impossible from men? After all, they are destined to be conquerors, that does not rule out aggression, strength, determination. We, the women, the gods gave the subtle art of diplomacy, which, strictly speaking, are the relations in marriage. So from us, wives, dependent, we put up with the usual husband will chase an ideal, or become ready to bring the perfect husband, but subtly, gently and quietly for the male ego.

From words - to the point

The first thing is to certainly learnmodern woman - the manifestation of tenderness. Do not be surprised! That is how we pay depends on how and how much we get expressions of love. Take the first step! Install the small rituals - Trembling kiss before work, tactfulthe question of how was your day or cheer up a playful sms to your chosen one. You will need, of course, time to husband used and appreciated your concern, and began to act as the perfect husband. But over time, believe me, he will be to maintain this game. And sometimes you have to be quiet. Favorite men value is the inner understanding and empathy and, believe me, you will respond with gratitude and affection. And do not forget about praise - only in moderation and sincerely (men feel false!). Such a move will insure against errors: the husband is not exactly leave a portion of the affection for the other, because it became an ideal husband! A unspent tenderness not have pointedly attacked the child.

Another step towards the ideal

The second task - to grow timid and gentlefather. Require displays of affection to the baby at least silly. Everything has its time. And let's not forget that every person generally shows feelings in their own way. And would you like artificiality and insincerity? Far from it. Ideal husband - a man of action. Word of words, but, you see, a man painted actions. So do not require the spouse unnecessary sentimentality.

And some wise advice:

  • Ideal husband should meet the perfect wife. Watch for their appearance!
  • Give a loved one to feel its significance! Cute trick: "Honey, I can not do it without you!" Much better modalities: must and have to.
  • Pledge to maintain good relations - the less clarify them. Start a conversation with the words: "My dear, dear ..." and remain friendly - so you'll get more than the accusations and aggression.
  • Learn to consult with your beloved. Forget about the position of a strong, responsible, give this role to your ideal husband - because it is rightfully his.
  • Remember that for men (men are not perfect andexceptions) are particularly painful sexual issues. One has only to hint, even in the heat of anger, that her husband sexually little interest as an open wound guaranteed. And this is serious: the husband may even decide to betrayal.
  • How to deal with the stubbornness of an ideal husband? Just a girl, easy. Wand design here:
    "You are quite right, but maybe we'll do a little bit differently," "remember: you said so-and-so, I think so too." And not your persecution and do not do anything evil!

  • Underline personality ideal husband - the key to a perfect family friendly. And the work, and hobbies men worthy of respect and attention, remember this.

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