Your strong happy marriage

We offer you a designedBritish experts test, which will help you objectively look at your understanding of marriage, to assess its reliability and durability. All that you need to take your partner, and both pass the test.

The answers to the questions below are the scores from 1 to 5:

1 - strongly agree / agree;
2 - I agree / agree;
3 - It is difficult to answer;
4 - do not agree / disagree;
5 - totally agree / I disagree.

Let's get started:

  • I believe that these relations will justify all of my hopes and expectations;
  • We spend a lot of time together and a lot of separately;
  • He (s) always tries to understand my mind, even at a time when he (s) do not agree / disagree with me;
  • Promises to be given to me at the time of the wedding, a lot to me mean;
  • Our interests and outlook on life are often the same;
  • Our relatives and friends believe that the approach to each other;
  • It (th) there is nothing that I would like to change;
  • I believe (s) that in these respects, I will not make the same mistake as before.
  • The birth of children, we decided to issue;
  • When we are together, I always think warm feelings about it (th);
  • Our family did not hurry us to the decision to enter into marriage;
  • I am satisfied / satisfied with our intimate relationships;
  • For him / her our relationship is often the most important thing;
  • My present attitude better than any previous;
  • I believe (s) that I have for your loved one is also valuable / precious;
  • I do not care how it (s) handles its finances.
  • I like the way he (s) prove your love to me;
  • I'm not afraid to join their destiny with that person;
  • I fully trust him / her.
  • We always wise to overcome disputes and disagreements;
  • I will always be faithful to him / her;
  • In our relations there is nothing that could lead to the destruction of our future marriage;
  • We always share with each other their experiences and feelings, and we can do it without any hesitation;
  • We always plan your time wisely, to combine work and private life;
  • Together we will go through all the trials of life.

    To summarize:

    You typed in a small number of points says your highest level of compatibility and readiness for marriage and adoption of family obligations.

    Note that if you set highPoints 4, 15, 19 question to you both is necessary to pay attention to these areas. Also compare your answers to the test, if some responses show up significant differences in points, also pay attention to these areas.

    You scored 25 to 60 points:

    Your decision to marry conscious, both of youpositively inclined to start a family. Your high expectations are laying a good foundation. Careful future, will allow you to avoid many problems and difficulties.

    You scored 61 to 85 points:

    In your relationships There is some uncertainty. You especially need to pay special attention to the points where you have large differences in scores. Try to joint efforts to understand the difficulties and problems that lurk in these areas of your relationship.

    You scored between 86 to 125 points:

    In your relationship there are many differences and a lot ofaspects of which you are unhappy. Both of you should reconsider their attitude to each other, to correct deficiencies, to find common ground in understanding.

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