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Aries quickly and sooner ripen for love and sex,and often it even shocked their friends and relatives. They quickly fall in love, often at first sight and very temperamental in love. But their love can suddenly turn into hatred, if Aries will not achieve the desired. Failure is not for them. We must remember that Aries are passionate lovers and love are very capricious. On a horoscope Aries love like variety, so their partner should always be surprised and maybe even shock. As a rule, representatives of the sign concerned about their choices, protect them and instead require them to do the same. Aries love freedom, but at the same time, fear of loneliness. They always need the admiration of others. Note that Aries will be subject only to the partner, which will consider themselves smarter.

Women Aries can often compromise their men like outfits and provocative behavior. But most of all they are very loyal to their chosen one.

On a horoscope Aries love long search for their ideal, rarely marry and are often left alone.


Representatives of this sign and dreamyamorous. Sometimes they are aware of their long time love, but when the situation is understood by them, all the forces making the conquest of a loved one. Very sensual sign. For them, there is no separation of the concepts of sex and love, in a sense, they sink without a trace. They just need to understand that they are loved. However, Taurus also very jealous and their jealousy has no limits. If a representative of this sign was disappointed in their feelings, it can lead to extremely negative consequences. In the horoscope of love it mentioned that your partner betrayed Taurus, and refers to it carefully and gently. For it is crucial appearance elect (smell, hair, perfume).

Taurus - caring parents. They are often jealous of the baby to his second half. It is important to note that Taurus can not tolerate conflict and try not to swear.

On a horoscope Taureans love marry early and rarely bred.


Gemini horoscope love gentle and caring. But to understand them through very difficult. They just need to be around reigned harmony and purity. Therefore, they can not stand the shouts and quarrels. In his partner Twins pay attention to intelligence and erudition. Outfits and hairstyles play for them a secondary role. It may be noted that the Twins do not like the monotony, they need to be periodically surprise and present gifts. Male representatives of this sign make life more interesting his lady - they are the defenders, always ready to help. Female twins hit their elected grace, to communicate with them interesting, they are very friendly. With the Twins rarely get bored, they are inventive and erudite.
On a horoscope of love in a marriage they come several times. But if marriage is late, it is likely, forever.


On a horoscope love Crawfish very noblepersonality. They are affectionate and great concern to the people. They are especially attached to the house and his parents. Most often, the representatives of this sign have a good education and excellent memory. Crayfish - romance. They have a lifetime dream of ideal love. It is worth noting that Cancerians excellent lovers and know a lot about sex. They are faithful and loyal, but some of them spend a lifetime in search of the ideal. Female Cancers like silk, lace, delicate tones. Men are also watching their appearance. Here are some professions that are often involved representatives of this sign: the staff of kindergartens, livestock, psychologists, midwives, managers of bars, gardeners, watchmakers.

On a horoscope love female Cancers often remain old maids and men spend their lives in search of the one and only.

a lion

On a horoscope love the representatives of this signvery passionate lovers. Lions are also very bold, proud, and often kind and forgiving. Female Leo always stands out from the crowd for its rare outfits and unique spirits. They are never "like everyone else". It may be noted that it is often very beautiful woman. Man-Lion is also always concerned about their appearance. He is very generous and passionate. From early childhood, the representatives of this sign are thinking about choosing a profession. Most often they are jewelers, diplomats, politicians, actors, directors, athletes, directors, presidents and administrators. It may be noted that the Lions just love money.

On a horoscope love female representatives of this sign it can be difficult to find a life partner, as it is usually too picky it chooses. They often marry for money.


Horoscope love notes that the representatives of thesign possess qualities such as performance, reliability and conservatism. Often, the Virgin do not trust anyone and is very restless. They love to criticize and discuss. They also appreciate the cleanliness and order. It may be noted that the Virgin does not like to wait, and always keep their word. In love, the Virgin is often constrained, it is difficult to take the first step, they are loyal and expect the same from the elect. Women Virgin prefer classic clothing style and always look perfect, and men-Virgin often dress quite boring and monotonous. Virgin - not replaceable workers. Often they choose the following professions: medical worker, massage therapist, a linguist, an engineer, a chemist, a clerk, a designer, a laundress, a shop owner, secretary, telephone operator.

On a horoscope of love among a large number of Devbachelors and spinsters. This is due to the fact that they are very loyal to one and only person for them. Men of this sign try to be like women, and like them is not easy.


Love Horoscope says that Libra is necessaryto love and to feel loved. Representatives of this sign are temperamental, sentimental, do not like monotony, have an excellent memory, smart. Most scales are afraid of responsibility, but always come to the rescue. Female Libra extravagant and elegant. They can create very interesting models of clothes. Libra man often follow the fashion. Representatives of this sign are excellent employees, they are accommodating and they just get on the team. The most common scales are choosing the profession of fashion designer, decorator, Seller Art objects antique dealer, a lawyer, a judge, an agent for the sale of books.

On a horoscope love a woman of this sign mayeasy Okrut any man, they are gentle and charming. If they change their chosen one, it is only because of disappointment in him. Men-life balance can all wait for their favorite because of his indecision.


In the horoscope of love pointed out that representativesthis sign is very passionate nature. Scorpios are extremely hot and demanding, so it is very difficult to love a man. In love, Scorpio hard enough, since for them the main thing - to win in all matters. Representatives of this sign hate to lose, and very difficult to accept criticism. However, just love to criticize themselves all around.

On a horoscope love male Scorpio can be verygentle and considerate with his second half. Women often Scorpios are very jealous. They themselves jealousy towards themselves suffer badly. It may be noted that they are characterized by very strong or love, or a burning hatred.


In the horoscope of love says that Sagittarius -fiery, addicting nature. Representatives of this sign are often jealous and vindictive, but can not stand when they are jealous baseless themselves. They try to avoid conflicts, scandals and other stressful situations. The representatives of this zodiac sign are the best and loyal friends. Sagittarius man chosen business women, they are great parents and a very caring husband. Women Archers proud, like expensive jewelry and beautiful courtship. They love compliments. However, I must say that they are jealous, though not stand scandals.

On a horoscope love Sagittarians prefer bright partners.


On a horoscope love affairs Capricorns stiffnesslove, they are vulnerable and impressionable. Representatives of this sign are afraid of losing a loved one, and often hide their feelings from him, thereby increasingly depriving themselves. Capricorns are very hard to tolerate separation from loved ones. Some Capricorns can quickly find a replacement partner, but still live in the memories of past love. Others, while agreeing with his bitter fate, live alone and suffering. Capricorns avoid scandals and very rarely bred. Male Capricorns appreciate in women honesty and reliability. Often they absorb women from among work colleagues. Women Capricorns are usually very proud and independent, they tend to make a career and do not like housework.

On a horoscope love long Capricorns can not find a lover. If love comes to them in later life, they completely surrender to the power of this feeling.


Love Horoscope says that Aquarians are gentle andsensual lovers. They protect your loved one and try to make his life a fairy tale. Representatives of this sign is very dreamy and often fall in love with an imaginary image. However, Aquarius is much more important than friends and noisy company than a loved one. center of the universe for Aquarius - breaks with your loved ones, because they have friends, and they are therefore easy to carry. Representatives of this sign love to be in the spotlight. It should be noted that they do not know how to hate and to value their freedom. In order to keep to himself the man-of Aquarius, we must make an effort, it must surprise and amaze (for example, a new hairstyle, beautiful dress, extraordinary gifts). Female Aquarians love freedom and rarely pay attention to public opinion. They are very delicate and sensual nature.

On a horoscope love Aquarians often divorced and married dream of freedom and independence.


The peculiar love love horoscope for Piscescalculation. They are always looking for the benefits in the relationship. But sometimes the fish fall in love for real, and then their love knows no boundaries. Representatives of this sign is very closed, jealous and insecure. In the second half of their actions, they are constantly looking for the catch. Pisces is also very difficult to fully open in his love and to make a choice. They are better to choose them. Fish often do not know how to say "no." However, with your beloved fish are gentle, caring and generous. Sometimes representatives of this sign are rude and brash, often for no reason. And may offend people in their own words, without even noticing it. Women Fish can be both fatal beauty and soft, flexible.

In Love horoscope Pisces is difficult to start a relationship and also difficult to finish them.

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