Family Horoscope: find out all about its second half

we strive to learn more about creating a family,your partner. How will your partner itself in family life? How he will treat you and your children? What is important to him and what is secondary? How did he behave in this or that situation? Read the family horoscope, and you will find answers to many questions.


Aries in the family is always the leaders, they loveorganize, distribute the duties among the members of the family, and now and then indicate who and what should be done. This leadership role is always to taste them, and the rest of the family members have to adjust themselves for their moods.

It may be noted, the ability to carry Arieshis family all the best of luck and troubles of the professional life. So if Aries is composed everything is fine and all is well at work in his career, he will come home, and in an excellent mood, everyone will have the attention and can treat the home souvenirs and gifts. However, if the problems and conflicts, they do occur and in your home. In moments of turmoil Aries can easily forget about your family and spend an evening in a circle of close friends. When Aries gets home, he is unlikely to apologize and try to explain their behavior.

Aries horoscope for the family quite generous. They can lend your friends a lot of money. But do not set aside money for the future.

Another feature of the family horoscope Aries: they love to change the home environment. And can often rearrange the furniture and make repairs at home or at the cottage.

The food at the Aries are no special preferences, they are unpretentious, often willing to forgive for his family, but delicious.

Nor demanding Aries and clothing. Buying expensive clothes or jewelry is unlikely to be their goal. They are easy to spend money instead of buying clothes, to buy tickets n relaxation for the whole family.

Aries always very friendly to your children, try to instill in them a desire for independence and autonomy.


According to family horoscope Taurus gets rolemoney earner. Taurus provides the family with everything you need and is constantly adding to the family budget, because it is very industrious and persistent in achieving goals. For him, the foundation of family stability - material well-being and prosperity. Therefore, Taurus can work more than one job to ensure this prosperity. With him feel like a stone wall surrounding always appreciate his support and reliability.

The debt Taurus gives extremely reluctantly, because he believes that people should all strive himself.

More than all the other signs Taurus gives meaningorganize their life. He buys his home expensive furniture, choosing the furniture, which is of excellent quality and will serve for many years. But Taurus reluctant to part with old things. And sometimes at his house, you can find a collection of ancient coins, weapons and paintings.

With great attention Taurus refers to eating it -an excellent cook. Taurus loves to cook for their loved ones new gourmet dishes or drive family to restaurants with excellent cuisine. The same applies to friends Taurus, who know that in his house they are always happy and waiting for their delicious food.

One feature of Tau is that itShe loves to decorate your home with plants and flowers. If you allow the dimensions of the room, the Taurus will gladly arrange at home a little winter garden or charter the entire sill favorite colors.

According to family as a sign of Taurus large role children play. They are surrounded by love and affection, care for them and seek to ensure that children in no way needed.


Family horoscope Gemini states thatRepresentatives of this sign every effort to avoid conflicts and disagreements in the family. Twins do not like yelling and educational speeches. But that is what they themselves can provoke. Gemini inherent spontaneity and optionality. They can easily forget to go to the store to do anything. Such forgetfulness and may cause a conflict in the family.

If not to take into account these shortcomings, it is possibleNote that with the Twins always fun. Representatives of this sign love to take out the family for a picnic or excursion. They are all in motion, and it is difficult to sit at home. They are not interested for a long time to get out or cook. Therefore, they carry out their duties at home only if they have a desire or inspiration to anyone praised.

In planning the family budget TwinsThey prefer all the work entrusted to the other family members. Their role - the role of breadwinner. Twins bring money into the house, waiting for this praise, but still further to them is no longer interesting. If you need to make a decision, the Twins always express their views, but very rarely insist on it, offering a partner to make a decision.

According to family horoscope Gemini find a common language with all the children and for them to become real friends.


Family Cancer horoscope indicates they tend to surround all the attention, affection, care for family members.

Cancers are excellent psychologists and strive to listen to andto support their households. But they are extremely sensitive and vulnerable. Therefore, the problems of another person can be perceived them as their own. Cancer never go past the pain of others and make every effort to maintain morale or their actions.

According to family horoscope Cancer great family man. It saves thinking about the future and definitely set aside some money. That's why he does not like to lend. So the material well-being of his own family to him more the opinions of others.

Cancer economic and a wonderful cook. He loves to pamper the family a fabulous meal, but instead of waiting for thanks and praise. This sign is generally sensitive to other people's assessments and needs encouragement. In response to the gratitude it becomes soft and cheerful and able to continue working for the good of the family.

In the house of Cancer appreciates comfort. It is always clean. Cancer likes to rearrange the furniture and constantly change something in the interior. But the most important place in the house for Cancer - kitchen. It is the best kitchen appliances and utensils, it communicates with cancer and family rest.

The family horoscope noted that Raku is important that his opinion in the house were considered. He does not like harsh criticism and critical remarks in his address.

With regard to the children cancer is very responsible. He surrounds them with care and preserves throughout life.

a lion

Leo horoscope for the family in the circle of his familyHe prefers to take the place of the owner, they must admire and must unquestioningly obey. It is important to note that Leo does not like being criticized. Otherwise, he may tender of fluffy kitten turn into an aggressive and uncontrollable predator. Leo likes to be praised and supported, even if his actions are not always correct.

Family horoscope Lion reports that home Leoperceives as Palace, which should be beautiful: expensive furniture, beautiful things, fine cuisine. Dishes are prepared Leo, are varied and exquisite.

Leo loves to invite friends, parents, co-workers. He is glad to any guests who do not skimp on food, it offers a beautiful and expensive meals and drinks.

Leo likes to live well, not skimping, preferringI think that money will never run out. For the same reasons, the representatives of this sign will never set aside money for the future and can easily give any desired amount of debt. But always remember that Leo need to thank and praise, to pay compliments in response to the service rendered. He loves it.

Leo often follows fashion, and therefore changes in the housefurniture, buying new clothes and home furnishings. Note that while they love all over rely on the advice of stylists and designers, as they prefer to follow the advice of professionals, but only if they fulfill any of their whims and follow their taste.

According to family horoscope Leo always leave the last word in a dispute over. However, it should be noted that it is able to look at Leo sober view the problem and make the right choice in the end.

With regard to children Leo is very thoughtful, but it can be both strict and very soft, depending on your mood and state of mind.


If we turn to the family sign, you canto know that the Virgin is very responsible, practical and have a sense of duty towards his family. They take over most of the responsibilities in the home. For members of this sign is very important family financial situation, to improve it, they work long hours and even take work home. Even if Virgin overcomes fatigue, she will finish it to the end.

In the organization of life of the Virgin great pedants: in the house is always the order, all the things lying on the ground. The house has maintained impeccable cleanliness and hygiene.

According to family horoscope Virgo pay much attention to the food. Often they choose a simple and healthy food.

Virgin is very economical, rarely spend money ontrivia prefer thoughtful and simple interior. The money is spent in their family only to useful and necessary things: books, education, sport. They also care about the future of the family, so save money and cherish them.

Virgin can solve almost anyproblem. They carefully analyzed and the results of the analysis will allocate the right decision, have endurance, excellent control of their emotions and never panic.

Virgin - strict and demanding parents, strive to keep the children under control and to instill in them orderly and disciplined.

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