Tell fortunes on the chosen one and his love

Among the Slavs in love first and wonderedNumerous Sorcerers, wizards, viritniki, healers. Next guessing involved and simple girl - peasant - dark and impenetrable night, under the dim light of a candle. And highborn boyar, nobles, seek advice from a reputable witches of the time.

And despite its long history, there are many divination rites of love, come down almost unchanged to us.

The person loved in the ring

Take an ordinary glass. Clean, pictures and ornaments. It pour water to half. Then take a wedding ring. Drop it in a glass and look at the center of the ring. This divination for love, you can see the face of the elect.

Listen to the spirits

On a clear night under the open sky and the full moongo to the door of a church or chapel. Eavesdropping creaking old building, church singing and whistling of the wind, you can hear the quiet whisper of ghosts who will tell who was going to die and who is getting married.

Shoes that will indicate which side will the beloved.

The girls, who are engaged in guessing on love,go outside and throw myself in front of the shoe on the left foot. In what direction will point toe shoes - and there will come a favorite. If the shoe will point back - and this year will not betrothed.

We speculate on the mirror

The mirror was considered a kind of a window into another world. Having a strong enough will can be called from the mirror of the world picture of the future, and even change it. However, if you get lost and lose focus you can call, and the evil spirit, who just spoil everything. Therefore, it is a guessing on love is considered a very scary.
The girl should be alone in a locked room. At 12 o'clock in the morning she sit in front of two mirrors. On each side of the mirrors are lighted candles. Sami mirror should be reflected in each other. I collect all my girl will have to focus on the space between two mirrors. Over time, there may be an image appears betrothed.

We speculate on the cock

On the roll in a few grains. At midnight, take a black cock and watch as it will peck at the grain:

  • sklyuet whole grains - will be this year a great success, and the one who is engaged in a guessing on love very soon will be the bride at the wedding

  • peck a few grains - the number of grains will know what kind of girl would marry (2 grain - the second will be released)
  • not pecked grain - to emergency failure this year

We ask the name of her spouse

This divination to know the name of the girl's love of the elect. We must go out and ask the women to call a man's name. The most oft-repeated name is usually the name of her future husband.

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