Can you bewitch a man !?

Bewitch a man in the 21st century - It would seem absolute nonsense, but as in any fairy tale has some truth, or in any faith - the power to do real things invented.

How to charm a man with the help of an apple - Very old rite, came to us with more modern Slavic settlement lands.
Cut the apple in half and put in the middlea piece of paper, which is not written in the name of a loved one. Then connect the two halves of the rope and put in the sun. How Apple will dry in the sun, and your choice will increasingly think of you.

Witch on groom

These practices divination of love came to us after the baptism of the Slavs.

With the advent of the month - enter the field and dancing to sing - "Month of the young men was spinning in front of me, as I was spinning in front of you."

During the feast of the Protection to come to church. After cross the threshold - say to himself: "Holy mother of the Virgin as the snow envelops the earth, and please grant me the groom."

Just to bewitch a man in a long womandress hem winter gathering snow. Then scatter it with the words: "In the field, the field, sow the snow, where my fiance - vzvoy dog, field-Polyushko - give hubby and dog votes in favor."

Witch on matchmakers

First the groom, who will come for the ritual of courtship - no matter what - appropriate or not - wash the socks of his shoes. that bewitch men, This water girl washes her face, hands and says: "They will come more on this trail dozens of suitors." Alternatively, it is possible with the same sentence the traces of the first "groom".

Predict the future on the needles

Take two needles, omit them in a glass of water, pre-rubbed lard. Next look:

  • drowning two needles - Not good
  • came together - For an early marriage
  • They parted and became friend against friend - Someone interferes wedding
  • We went on very different sides - Unmarried all his life to go.

Do not abandon your family care - How to bewitch a man to his sister:

during the wedding, if the bride wants to sister got married at most, it is necessary to pull the tablecloth that covered the table.

We become the rule of the house: To be a major over the other women in the housethe groom the bride need to do the following: after the wedding, went into the house to say: "As there is none besides me is more important for the people loved, so no people in the house me the main thing"
Well, we were able to bewitch a man, and how to save it?

After the wedding, the couple in the house on the verge of putting the lock. Completing it, and the key thrown into the lake. Done in order to permanently preserve the happiness and harmony in the home.

And finally, a little advice to young:
During the exchange of rings - the one who wears the ring to its foundations - the take-up in the house after.

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