Divination by her spouse, know their fate

Every girl wants to know who will be her betrothed and who would become her husband. Therefore it is very common so-called divination betrothed.

There are several types of methods of divination betrothed. In this article, we will focus on divination, in which the restriction is proposed appear to do anything for his bride.

What unites these guessing that they are conducted in a small ceremony just before bedtime. It should also be treasured words certainly say that the dream became prophetic in that night.

Guessing on a comb (One of the most common types of divination narrowing).

Before going to bed the girl puts a hairbrush, and soap in the zonethe head of his bed. It should say: 'restricting my fancy dress, wash me, and do the hair me gird me. " Then she goes to bed. And tonight she certainly must have dreamed betrothed, and in the morning she would get washed, combed and belted.

Guessing "bridge".

In this form of divination to her spouse before going to bed dotwigs of a broom bridge over the cup with water. Bowl cast bed girls. Treasured words: 'restricting my fancy dress, translate me across the bridge! ". That night, the girl will dream bride in the same dress, in which he will be at the wedding. But if the wedding will not soon, then the restriction appears.

Divination for the bride's mother.

Such fortune-telling at narrowing can occur in several ways.

For example, in a frying pan. In this case, under his mother's bed the girls that nothing suspects put the pan. They say: 'restricting my fancy dress, come today to his mother on pancakes. " According to legend, this night must dream of the groom mother of her daughter.

You can also spend guessing shut. In this case, the fate of the girls can guess not only her mother but also the other relative. In this case, the divination should be "locked" lock braid girl or foot of her bed. Attach the lock and said: "The destined-disguised, come to me for a small key to unlock his bride." People on this night they will see in a dream, and the groom.

Divination on weekdays.

These types of divination betrothed spend on certain days of the week.

Guessing from Monday to Tuesday is carried outusing spruce branches. She puts her at the head and says: "I go to bed I sleep on Monday, put himself at the head of spruce, dreamed me something, who thinks of me."

Also traditionally, the groom to his bride can dream in the night from Thursday to Friday.

According to legends, guessing at her spouse can be carried outand in the new house. The new house is considered, in which less than a year to live. Before going to bed, saying: "At the new place dreamed bridegroom to his bride." dream girl should be to see her betrothed.

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