Divination and magic

The most mysterious and attractive kind of magic - a love divination and incantations. If you use them correctly, it will allow you to solve many problems in love.

Divination for love with the help of an apple.

it is necessary to cut the ripe apple for this divination,put in the middle of a note with the name of a loved one. Then, half an apple tie and put in the sun. Apple starts to dry, and as it dries the object of your passion will be the tendency is for you.

Several options on divination suitors.

  • For this divination need new moon. Wait until it arrives. And as soon as you see him, to twist on the heel of his right foot, with the sentence: "Month - Mlada month suitors buzz around me, so yes, I vyus around you."
  • There is another divination on the suitors. For her, it is necessary to come to the feast of the Intercession (14 October) in the church, and by transgressing the threshold to say: "Mother of the Most Holy Theotokos, snow covered the land, but what I - Zhenishke".
  • Exit with the girls' get-togethers of the gate, dial in the snow dress hem. Then sprinkle snow, but saying, "Paul, millet field but on the maiden plait, where my fiance, dog vzvoy there, give voice".

    A method of divination on matchmaking suitors.

    As soon as the girl began to walk brideswoo, whether good or bad, any or all, it is necessary to wash the toes of his shoes. And the water of the marriageable girl washes hands and washes his face, saying, "Well how do you think the track will go for me hundreds of suitors!". With the same sentence, you can cover up traces of the groom to the house.

    Vorozhba on the needles.

    For this divination need a container of water (suitable glass), two needles and fat. Needles and take smeared lard, and then dipped in water and at him wondering:

    • if needles converge with each other, it's for an early marriage,
    • If the needles diverge one against the other, then you have an obstacle to marriage, perhaps insidious enemies.
    • if the needle in different directions, it says that the girl is waiting for the fate of the old maid
    • if needles were drowned - a bad sign, in this day divination is better not to continue.

    Vorozhba a speedy marriage sisters.

    If the bride has a sister and she wants it too soon to marry, before leaving the church the bride should pull a tablecloth, which laid the table.

    Vorozhba on Charm bride.

    To take a leading position among the women in his new family, a young wife, entered the house after the wedding, said: "The first, second, third, I'm going all out of the house, I was alone in the house!"

    Vorozhba the groom ward.

    If a young husband will live with his wife, then entering into his new home he has to say: "I'm going to - animal proud and loud-mouthed, toothy wolf, and I have a wolf, you are all my sheep!"

    Vorozhba of happiness young.

    When the bride and groom leave the church, at the threshold of itenclose open the lock. And when they step over through him, then quickly lock is locked and the key thrown into the river or a well. And will young happiness and harmony.

    A young husband has good advice: wear a young wife at the time of the wedding ring to the finger base to not take it over the top of you.

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