Different methods of divination to a wedding

Guessing on the fulfillment of a wish.

Take the card deck of 36 cards. Make a wish and thoroughly shuffle the cards. Then lay cards on the table face down into five piles. The rest is in your hands, open the map and put it on the table. This - the base map.

Now open the first stack and remove itall other card suits than the base card, and a card base suit under tens. Once in the stack you get to the base card suits over ten, the stack set aside.

Do the same with the other piles.

Now assemble the stack together, putting them on top of each other in order.

You have a stack of turned again. Your further task, break it into four stacks, not shuffling. In the process of unfolding, continue to remove unnecessary cards. I remind you that you need to remove all the cards suit different than the base card, and a card suit under the base ten to base first got the card suit over tens.

Then you repeat the alignment in the three stacks and,completion in two stacks. If in the end you're holding only five cards of the same suit left as the base map, the wish will come true with absolute certainty. If this is guessing the wedding, your wedding will take place in the near future.

If you have extra cards, the fulfillment of your desires one hundred and something hurt. Here we look at the dignity of the remaining card or cards:

  • Six - road
  • Seven - meeting
  • Eight - conversation
  • Nine - the lack of your interest
  • dozen - the adverse circumstances of life
  • Diamonds - troubles
  • lady - another woman
  • King strange men
  • ace - any obligation to work.

French tarot wedding.

For guessing the wedding can use this divination, which came to us from France.

You will need a deck of 36 cards. Take it and remove all six. Then it is necessary to thoroughly shuffle the deck and divided into five stacks of six cards. Put them face down. Two cards that are left in your hands, it is necessary to put on top of the first and fifth stack.

Now open the first pile to the left and remove fromher all the cards to the first got the king or lady, then set aside a pile to the side. The same proceed with other stacks. Then all collect sequentially in one stack.

Once again lay your cards into five stacks. Remember that you can not shuffle the cards! Remove unnecessary cards, as described above. If the remainder of the deck will only queens and kings, then unfold the cards face down and look carefully. If there are king and queen of the same suit, your guessing the wedding was a success. Your marriage will be happy.

Russian guessing the wedding.

This guessing you can do if you are wondering whether you will marry a particular man.

To do this, you need divination deck of 36kart. Before the beginning of divination make come true name of your loved one. Remove from the deck of all six, shuffle, and remove the king of hearts and queen. Then the king put down the deck, and the lady upstairs. Turn lady face down and lay on the table, and next to her open deck of the next card. Open the entire deck by removing the following combination of cards:

  • remove any card or two cards, if they got between cards of the same suit or the same rank
  • remove the middle of the three cards of the same suit or value as if they were in a row.

So you lay out the whole pack, and if after this laying on your desk will be only the king and queen, then get ready for the wedding.

Guessing at the wedding with aces.

Take a deck of thirty-six cards, make ayour willingness and shuffle it. Then put the top fifteen cards on the table face up and select from them all whatever turns aces. Mix the remaining cards from the deck and shuffle again.

Again lay fifteen cards face down, remove and shuffle the aces. All the aces after the third calculations should be selected. If so, your fortune-telling for the wedding come true.

This divination there is a second option.

In a second embodiment of a deck of 36 cards firstremove all six. Then the shuffled cards, and make a wish. This is followed by laying out cards in the first method, but 13 cards face down. Realize cards continues as many times as is necessary to remove from the deck all the aces. And then there is their interpretation according to the suit aces:

  • If the first ace of hearts, the desire come true has been opened,
  • If the ace of diamonds - guessing the wedding will turn, but with some difficulty,
  • If the ace of clubs - a desire can come true, if the fortune-teller will overcome many obstacles,
  • Ace of Spades - your wish is not feasible.

Guessing at the wedding "Pyramid".

It will take a deck of thirty-six cards. Remove from it all sixes. Randomly remove any six cards and place them on the table face up. His desire to make come true, and any card from the left, and then lay out the cards face up in the form of a pyramid (the top row of horizontal 1 card, 2 cards in the second, the third three cards and so on). At the base of the pyramid should be 6 cards. So, look interpretation:

  • you have put forth a card is in the top tier of the pyramid - your wish will be fulfilled.
  • in the second row - it is unlikely that wish will come true.
  • in the third row - the desire, the hidden you are likely to be fulfilled.
  • in the fourth row - there is a high probability that the wish will be granted.
  • in the fifth - the probability of execution of your desire increases.
  • in the sixth - the desire will certainly come true. The answer to the hidden "yes."

If it so happened that the card is not in zagadannoypyramid, then lay out the remaining cards with the words: "Wait, be patient, be happy, be strong, angry, hand Makhno". That word that you say zagadannuyu on the map, and will answer to the hidden.

Guessing at the wedding with the help of a deck of 52 cards.

Take a deck of fifty-two cards. Before you wonder, define your "portrait" on the deck. If she guesses, her "portrait" is queen of diamonds, if a woman - a lady of Hearts. If numerology holds the boy, his "portrait" is king of diamonds, and if a man is an adult or widowed - the king of hearts.

Thus, the "portrait" is defined. Now we have to shuffle the cards very carefully, away twenty cards and see if there are any among them your "portrait".

Then guessing at the wedding can be considered successful if the "portrait" is among the selected cards. You will soon get married.

If the "portrait" among the twenty selected card is not detected, the wedding in the current year will not be, but the guessing goes on.

Any map of the place twenty countedback into the deck, choose from the deck of your "portrait", mix it with the used cards (20 cards) and shuffle thoroughly. Then lay out the cards in the form of a letter "T" (in the top horizontal row of three cards, starting with the left hand, then by the middle card has two vertical cards). The remaining cards you lay out the top five in the same way. So it is necessary to put all twenty cards.

After this layout open all stacks and look for "portrait":

  • If "Portrait" in the first pile, then you expect a quick wedding,
  • If the second - to marry this year, it is better not to count,
  • in the third - your wedding will not be soon,
  • in the fourth - you never get married,
  • in the fifth - you will have an intimate relationship with a partner, but without marriage.

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