The relationship between man and woman

The real relationship between a man and a womanbuilt, of course, on trust, because trust is the basis for the development of real intimacy. To relationship lasted as long as possible, the partners must trust each other even their past, not to mention the present and the future. To in the relationship between a man and a woman build trust, you need a lot of effort and time. Remember that confidence is very easy to break, and it is practically impossible to recover. So many obstacles have to be overcome to achieve a relationship about which you dreamed all his life.

Trust enables people to fully open up to eachother, not taking into account all the tricks that are used for the product of the first impressions on their partner at an early stage of development of relations. After all, for this genuine closeness is necessary to know the perfect partner to help him learn more about themselves. Your partner should feel that you are upset, angry, and not only see the happy moments on your face, because he was so anxious. And for a long-term relationship is only the least you can do for each other. You have to love and accept each other the way you really are, because it is the understanding of the fact that you are loved for their essence, it allows to discard unnecessary precaution. It also allows you to behave fairly and not be afraid of rejection (when it's time to get married here).

Trust, of course, opens the way tofrank communication. The relationship between a man and a woman talk can not develop genuinely, if one of them, if not both of them, constantly have to guess at the reaction partner for a particular phrase, and if anyone tries to paraphrase the idea, adjusting to another.

To achieve effective communication betweena man and a woman is not really very difficult. Just if there is something you do not understand in a conversation with someone, do not hesitate to ask questions and then you really realize that at the moment has in mind your partner. Interlocutor should listen carefully to understand his thoughts. Communication with your partner will be built more easily, if you want to understand it and take "in all its glory." And if you are trying to convince the interlocutor that the only correct and is only your opinion, then consider that it is not communication, and therefore, does not love.

The relationship between man and woman is oftendisputes arise, even if young people have long learned to communicate smoothly. In this case, keep in mind that you argue with a live person, and the quarrel may lead to a breakdown in the relationship and bring you closer even more. The dispute in any case, must be fair. To do this during a call, should stick to the topic, "thanks" to which was fastened a conflict between you. In this case, no need to rake up the past and remember old grudges. Not excused himself from the subject of the dispute. Avoid insults to each other, because the purpose of the dispute is the decision of a particular problem, not break the opponent to pieces. If the person will understand that you do not feel respect for him, he will not even waiting to hear you, and you, in turn, will be able to consider yourself a winner. At the time of the dispute it is not necessary to resort to generalizations. It is better to stick to the facts, which became the cause of the dispute. Try to talk specifically about what you feel in this situation, and if you really love each other, be sure to learn how to find compromises peacefully, and to accept the general solution, and as a reward get the bestlong-term relationship of trustWhich can be only between a man and a woman!

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