Secrets of a happy marriage

For many people, a truism from a fairy tale: "... And they lived happily ever after" seems so obvious that if they do not own - they feel flawed and neglected (read also that when it is better to marry).

However, at the same time, people stop thinkingIn the place where the music loses, the happy couple will say: "We agree", and then the bride and groom are merged in a magic kiss. People do not think about what happens after the honeymoon.

According to statistics, about 43% of marriages end in divorce. Obviously, only one desire, a high sense and beautiful dreams you can not create a prosperous family.

A happy marriage does not arise by chance. He also does not occur if "you fall in love at first sight" or "so much for each other." Marriage - it's cooperation. And like any partnership, it requires compliance with the terms "contract" and monotonous, tedious work to preserve and improve relationships in the family.

Here are some tips from the steam, "cooperation"which has become a truly reliable and satisfactory. Follow them, do not be bitter crash fabulous and bright dreams regarding marriage and life together. Just work hard to achieve the goal light happy marriage.

1. Get plenty of sincere communication. Openness in relationships is very important. Especially at a time when things go wrong. There are so many things that indirectly affect marriage: work, hobbies, friends, church, education, family. If suddenly you will not be able to spend time together, or you have any friction for the money, it is very important to speak directly to what caused your odds.

2. Learn to listen to your partner. Sad but true - we are more polite to strangers than with their loved ones. If your wife or your spouse is trying to talk to you about that you would like for dinner, or what are your plans for the evening, and do not care about anything. Do not interrupt. Listen with the same courtesy and tact with which you have listened to your boss. Patience and decency - integral components of a happy marriage.

3. Create your own family rituals and traditions. Almost all couples who are happily married, have their own rituals. No matter what kind of rituals it will. Let it be coffee in the morning or a special touch, which means "I love you." Think of something symbolic, mysterious or magical rituals of your youth. After all, someday in the distant bright future such memories are valuable experiences of your past life.

4. Joint holding time, which would be devoted to just the two of you - as a very important component of a happy marriage. No matter how you spend time together. The luxurious restaurant or at the cinema on preferential session. The main thing is that you agree to renew the feelings that made you fall in love with each other.

5. Agree on money matters as early as possible. It's amazing how many couples do not discuss serious money problems. Before you go on a fabulous journey advisable to discuss your preferences and attitudes to such things as credit, payment of bills, and saving money. Agree on how you will pay, who will store and manage large amounts of money. The issue of money can easily become the cause of a variety of small differences that would destroy your almost happy marriage.

6. Love and respect each other. there are a few simple rules to maintain a happy marriage: never go to bed angry, Kiss and say "I love you" every day, be polite with each other and never forget to say "thank you." Most congratulated each other no matter what. Just for the sake of the case. Just because you have a number that you care, that you are happy. Do not cling to details, and do not be boring.

7. Never forget, and do not break your most important treaty. There are no such people, such firms a goldfish that would offer you something more important. The conditions of this "deal" sacred and priceless benefits. One of the most powerful senses - feeling that one of the purposes of life achieved that much has been done and when to turn back, you realize that your marriage is really happy, and life - an infinitely beautiful.

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